Employers looking to coding bootcamps for junior developers

Some Wisconsin employers are looking outside of traditional higher education to find job-ready software developers.


That’s according to Paul Jirovetz, director of operations for DevCodeCamp, a coding bootcamp with headquarters in Milwaukee. The program also recently opened a location in Madison.


“We’re just happy that we can find people who want to up-skill, who want to get into tech, and then we can marry them with a company that has these major needs,” Jirovetz (pictured here) told WisBusiness.com.


That starts a relationship in which employers can return to DevCodeCamp whenever they need more junior developers. He says Northwestern Mutual alone has hired 10 graduates, and others like Penta Technologies, Baird, Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee Tool, U.S. Bank and the Milwaukee Brewers have also hired out of the program.


“People have to remember that this is a bootcamp — this is not school,” Jirovetz said.


Over the 12- to 24-week program, he says participants and instructors spend as much as 500 hours together.


“All we do is immerse ourselves in code, which means that when they leave here, they are day one ready; they are a hireable junior developer,” he said.


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