Tony Evers told Dem activists on Friday he’s sometimes asked why he wants to run for guv because some believe he should continue fighting for schools as state superintendent.

But Evers said that’s exactly why he’s running.

“I am running for governor because I am god damn sick of Scott Walker gutting our public schools, insulting our hardworking educators and destroying higher education in Wisconsin,” Evers said.

Evers, who has won statewide election three times, touted his electability to activists. In addition to his wins, he noted he’s leading in polls of primary voters and a survey his campaign released showing him up on Walker by 4 percentage points.

Evers also told delegates about being diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2007, telling activists he beat it and has been cancer-free for the past nine years. Saying he lives with a pre-existing condition, Evers said he would protect those in a similar situation and take the Medicaid expansion money to provide more coverage.

“I beat cancer and I will beat Scott Walker,” he said.

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