Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told attendees today that Democrats are about to hit a “red wall” in Wisconsin.

“The Democrats think they’re riding a blue wave,” Fitzgerald said. “That blue wave is about to crash into the red wall.”

The Juneau Republican warned that out-of-state special interests are seeking to boost Democrats in upcoming elections with “piles of cash.”

As an example, he held up Dem Patty Schachtner’s win in the 10th SD special election. He said she ran as a moderate, but has voted as a liberal—a tactic he said Dems are using to try to win seats this fall.

But he said the GOP will be on offensive and will target seats held by “out of touch Democrats.”

He held up GOP electoral successes in the state, including seating historic GOP majorities in the Legislature, Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election and defeat of the recall against him, and President Trump winning the state.

He also pointed to policy gains, such as Act 10, concealed carry and regulatory reform. He said the GOP agenda has been working, citing record low unemployment, budget surpluses, reduced taxes and companies like Foxconn coming to the state.

The successes, he said, have Democrats upset, and that Dems “are working to undermine all that we’ve accomplished.”

He encourage attendees to tell their neighbors about what Republicans have accomplished.

“We have a great story to tell,” Fitzgerald said. “Tell your neighbors everything we’ve done.”

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