Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said this morning his caucus has agreed to do the guv’s $100 per-child tax credit with the sales tax holiday the Assembly added and was working out final details on a deal on the juvenile justice overhaul and school safety measures.

Senate Republicans had balked at doing the sales tax holiday as part of the guv’s tax credit due to the more than $50 million price tag on top of the more than $122 million for the credit, which was a central piece of Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State address in January. Fitzgerald said the sales tax holiday would be pared back to a cost of about $12 million.

Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said before the Senate hit the floor this morning some details were still being worked out. But his caucus was “there” on the juvenile justice and school safety bills that seemed imperiled just days ago.

He added on change to the juvenile justice bill would give the Joint Finance Committee greater oversight of the plan to replace Lincoln Hills with facilities around the state.

“It’s might be a little on the fly,” he said.

The changes to the guv’s school safety package were introduced as a substitute amendment to an Assembly bill on today’s calendar.

Fitzgerald said the Senate would vote on several bills in extraordinary session. That would allow the Assembly to take up any changes his chamber makes without opening the door to other legislation under the rules that apply to regular session. He also said the list of bills that would be added to the extraordinary session agenda was still being developed.

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, said a dozen bills at most would be part of the extraordinary session calendar.

The fate of other bills on today’s Senate calendar remained up in the air. He said legislation to provide tax credits to Kimberly-Clark in exchange for keeping up to 600 jobs in the Fox Valley was “tricky” because the company and union were not close to a deal that could play a role in whether the paper manufacturer would even accept the credits.

His caucus was also still working out issues on legislation that would overhaul a series of court procedures that hit a snag over objections from Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, over proposed changes to retaining records in a lawsuit.

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