U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Green Bay, warned GOP activists the party is falling behind with young voters.

Gallagher, 34, ticked off a series of findings in a recent Pew poll that found a majority of millennials identify as liberal, a significant number prefer socialism and 40 percent think the First Amendment should not protect speech they find offensive.

“We’re driving my generation of conservatives into obscurity if we get complacent,” Gallagher warned.

Gallagher noted how young many of America’s early leaders were in 1776 to underscore his point that youth is not an “inherently left-wing quality” and that Republicans need to find a way to commumicate their principles in a way that resonates with the next generation.

“I don’t bring that up to make you angry or make you worry. I bring that up to suggest we need to deal with that,” Gallagher said.

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