Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says the new FBI report on Brett Kavanaugh shows there’s “no evidence” the sexual misconduct allegations against the U.S. Supreme Court nominee are true.

Meanwhile, Dem U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is knocking the Trump administration and Senate Republicans for the limited scope of the investigation, while her GOP opponent Sen. Leah Vukmir knocked Baldwin for being opposed to Kavanaugh without meeting with him.

Johnson in a telephone town hall yesterday afternoon said he continues to support Kavanaugh.

“I have to presume innocence on the allegations that are uncorroborated, and I have to look at his record as a judge, as a man over the last 30 some years where we have the corroborating testimony where he has been a very respectful person,” Johnson, of Oshkosh, said yesterday.

Johnson also praised Kavanaugh for a “lifetime of dedicated public service” and said there have been “dozens” of testimonials and references that show Kavanagh has “been a wonderful person” and treated women respectfully.

He added that inquiries into Kavanaugh’s drinking habits, as well as previous FBI background checks, have not revealed anything concerning.

“There is no corroboration of him being engaged in any of these types of things that have been alleged right now,” he said, adding there’s “just not a hint” of drinking being a problem for Kavanaugh.

Baldwin zoned in on Senate Republicans’ and the White House’s decision not to allow the FBI to interview Kavanaugh, California professor Christine Blasey Ford, who first accused him of sexual misconduct, and other witnesses, arguing the GOP “stood in the way of a full investigation” into the accusations.

And the Madison Dem reiterated her concerns Kavanaugh would threaten pre-existing conditions and women’s reproductive health, adding she isn’t convinced he “would serve as a fair, impartial and independent Supreme Court Justice.”

Vukmir knocked Baldwin on Twitter for deciding to oppose Kavanaugh before meeting with him.

“In the infamous words of your BFF @HillaryClinton:’What difference does it make?’ You made up your mind after he was announced as the nominee. You never met with him. This was all for show,” Vukmir wrote.

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