U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson addresses the 2018 GOP state convention. WisconsinEye screenshot

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said today he hopes that sometime after the convention the weaker GOP U.S. Senate primary candidate will drop out if it becomes clear the other is going to win the nomination.

Johnson said a variety of factors, and not just today’s planned endorsement vote, should go into determining who should drop out, including endorsements from politicians, polling numbers and fundraising ability.

“Where we’ve had a knock-down drag-out primary, the results have not been good,” Johnson told reporters during a press gaggle.

Johnson said he had no suggested timeframe for when one of the candidates should bow out.

But he said if Kevin Nicholson and Sen. Leah Vukmir both stay until the end, they should run their campaigns like general election campaigns against Dem. U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin instead of running against each other.

Despite the candidates leveling some attacks against each other, Johnson said they haven’t violated his unity pledge.

“Hopefully they can completely run a type of campaign that describes themselves, issues they believe are important and what their solutions would be, and really a campaign that points out why Tammy Baldwin should not be re-elected,” Johnson said.

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