Democrat Josh Pade touted his working class background as a qualification for governor.

He said growing up in southeastern Wisconsin without a father, and a mother who struggled to make ends meet, plus having to pay his own way through college and law school gives him the understanding of what working class families need.

He railed against establishment politics as having failed Wisconsinites, and said he’d bring a vision to the state that would give hope and a new choice to the state’s citizens.

“Democrats are united for a change and we’re going to make that change happen for working families all across the state of Wisconsin,” he said.

Pade called for broadband internet for everyone across the state and safe roads for all.

He also said that progressive policies will boost economic growth in the state, not stall it.

“We’re pro-growth because we’re progressive,” he said. “We’re going to have an economic development plan growing businesses inside Wisconsin instead of poaching companies from overseas.”

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