Dem gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Vinehout vowed to put people first over corporate interests, illustrating the state’s $3 billion Foxconn deal as being equal to a path of $100 bills stretching from Racine to San Francisco.

Instead of protecting corporate interests, Vinehout said she’s for people like Rachel, a woman in Racine who works 40 hours per week on minimum wage. She said it would take Rachel a lifetime of working just to walk a mile on a path of $100 bills.

“After a lifetime of working, from 16 to age 70, Rachel will be less than a mile down the street she lives on. Our priorities are upside down,” she said.

Vinehout vowed to reflect her commitment to working Wisconsinites through the state budget, providing healthcare for families, affordable tuition and clean water. She also touted accessible public transit, reinvesting in the UW System and addressing climate change.

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