Dem AG hopeful Josh Kaul knocked GOP incumbent Brad Schimel for not doing enough to address a backlog of testing rape kits while spending taxpayer dollars on swag.

Kaul, a former federal prosecutor, noted that Schimel had spent $83,000 on promotional items as AG, including stress balls, custom-made fortune cookies and gold-plated coins with his name on them.

“If you ask me, if you’re going to spend money on fake coins, they ought to at least have chocolate inside,” he joked.

Kaul contrasted Schimel’s spending on the swag with what he said was a lack of action on eliminating a backlog on testing rape kits. He said Schimel received millions to address the backlog. But during the early years of his term, only nine of the kits had been tested.

He compared that to Schimel spending state money on the fake coins.

“To me, that is the definition of misplaced priorities,” Kaul said.

Kaul also knocked Schimel for suing to void the Affordable Care Act while failing to challenge a move by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to rollback regulations on for-profit colleges.

“We need an AG who will stand up for our values instead of standing with the Trump Administration,” Kaul said.

Schimel responded in a series of tweets, saying he is the “only candidate in this race with the necessary experience and plan to lead the Department of Justice,” citing his record fighting the opioid epidemic and human trafficking while putting away career criminals and fighting for victims of abuse.

“I built my career in the courtroom putting away violent career criminals, not profiting from representing liberal special interests,” Schimel said.

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