The results of the Marquette University Law School poll show many Wisconsin voters are skeptical about impacts of Foxconn reaching their part of the state.

Of the 800 registered voters polled between Feb. 25 and March 1, 49 percent said the state is paying more in incentives than the plant is worth, while 38 percent say the plant will bring at least as much value as the incentives are worth. A further 13 percent say they’re not sure if the plant will be worth it.

Thirteen thousand direct jobs are being promised for the state’s $3 billion investment into the planned manufacturing facility in southeastern Wisconsin. Only 25 percent of respondents expect local businesses to benefit from the Foxconn plant, while 66 percent say they will not.

Statewide, 57 percent of voters believe the Foxconn plant will substantially improve the Milwaukee area’s economy, while 35 percent disagree and 8 percent aren’t sure.

Most regions of the state recorded relatively low optimism for Foxconn’s impact on local businesses.

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