Madison Gas & Electric is stepping up efforts to understand the changing expectations of customers.

Don Peterson, assistant vice president of strategic products and services at MGE, says reaching millennials is a big part of that push and presents its own challenges. He spoke yesterday at the Customer First Coalition’s Power Breakfast event in Madison.

“We have developed some more innovative ways of getting to that crowd,” he said. “And we actually did some ‘man on the street’ kinds of things where we went to Union South with an iPad, flagged down students, made them take their earbuds out of their ears and talk to us.”

As part of the effort to better understand consumer wants and needs, MGE has begun the process of journey mapping — a method of exploring standard processes for customers like submitting a complaint or getting a new meter installed.

He says MGE looks at these situations through the eyes of the customer, examining the steps they have to go through to get the issue resolved.

“That journey mapping really uncovers a lot of things that maybe we don’t even know about our processes,” he said. “You can find a lot of inefficiencies, and you can find a lot of areas for improvement.”

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