Guv candidate Mike McCabe dared Dems to dream of a new type of politics that works for Wisconsinites instead of a wealthy few.

He said Wisconsin no longer maintains its status as a state of firsts, a state where ideas like social security and kindergarten got their start.

“Our state has lost its way,” he said. “[It’s] slowly but surely becoming a shadow of itself.”

With his leadership, he argued Wisconsin can become a progressive model for the nation. He said he’d attempt to be the first state to experiment with universal basic income, and would call for affordable college education for all.

He equated the current political climate as legal bribery.

“We will never get living wages from a dying democracy. We’ll never get good healthcare from a sick political system. We’ll never get clean air and clean water from dirty politics,” he said.

This post is part of our coverage of the 2018 state Dem convention in Oshkosh. See the rest of our coverage here:

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