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Milwaukee County War Memorial Center,
750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive,

In 2017 Wisconsinโ€™s workforce and business climate went toe to toe with other states to compete for 13,000 new jobs and $10 billion of capital investment from Foxconnโ€™s new state-of-the-art display manufacturing campus. Wisconsin won. Governor Walkerโ€™s former Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary Scott Neitzel served as a senior member on the recruitment team for Foxconn and will share insights of the negotiations and how the project will positively impact Wisconsin for generations.

Scott Neitzel served as DOA Secretary from March 2015 โ€“ March 2018. In addition to working with Foxconn, during his tenure he worked on two state budgets and served as Chair of the Wisconsin Center District overseeing lease negotiations for the new Bucks arena. Scott was previously a Senior Vice President at Madison Gas and Electric Co. and a Commissioner at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

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