Mahlon Mitchell for Wisconsin

Brothers, Sisters & Friends,

I’ll be quick, because we all have work to do to make sure Scott Walker doesn’t get another four years.

I’ve had some time to reflect on the race, and even though we came up short, I’m proud of the campaign we ran – we left it all on the field.

Together, we knocked tens of thousands of doors across Wisconsin and made hundreds of campaign stops from Superior to Kenosha. We inspired people from all walks of life around the idea that the only way we move our state forward is to remember our shared values and work together to get it done. I still believe that, and I know you do too.

Unfortunately, we fell short of our fundraising goal in the final days of the campaign, so I’m asking you one last time for help.

Can you make a contribution to help the campaign pay our final bills and close our books so we can get to work defeating Scott Walker in November?

Xx, your support throughout this campaign meant a great deal to me and our campaign team. You helped us weather the ups and downs of this race and kept us going, and I’ll never forget it.

In Solidarity,


P.S. The first 14 contributions will get removed from my e-mail list right away!

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