The new Marshfield Clinic Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Tissue Repair will begin admitting patients in early May, providing specialty pressure- and oxygen-based treatments.

Marshfield Clinic began developing a hyperbaric medicine program about seven years ago as an add-on to other medical and wound care. The program is now the only service between Milwaukee and the Twin Cities that can provide this type of care.

The facility will house a hyperbaric chamber, which can treat up to 10 patients at the same time. And the center will be able to treat about 36 patients per day, up from 10 per day with current facilities.

“Our new multi-place hyperbaric chamber expands our ability to treat more patients in a safer, more comfortable and more effective setting,” said Michael Caldwell, a surgeon and the center’s medical director.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment involved breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or through a tube. Rather than breathing air with 21 percent oxygen, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen at higher atmospheric pressures.

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