Hello All,
A pre-convention update for you from Team Nicholson.

State of the Race

Great news from the Nicholson campaign trail. As noted on Wednesday by Wispolitics, a new poll from an outside group indicates that Kevin Nicholson now has about a 30 point lead in the Wisconsin Senate primary: https://twitter.com/jrrosswrites/status/994217904655814656 I’ve attached the memo for that poll that was released to the press. This is yet another in a series of data points that show Kevin Nicholson consistently leading and consistently growing his lead in every survey released publicly so far. And, of course, we’re leading in fundraising with a 2-1 advantage.
Our primary opponent has recently gone negative in the race, with Leah’s campaign sending out attack mailers to convention delegates, and paid communications attacking Kevin’s character saying he has “no real principles.” That’s to be expected of a campaign that’s falling behind.

Convention Weekend

This article is pretty good re-cap of Kevin’s campaign so far as we head into the weekend:

And speaking of the Wisconsin Republican Party convention this weekend, much has been made of the expectations game. Reporters and pundits alike are constantly obsessing about campaign process. What does it all mean we must breathlessly ask ourselves. If we don’t know – let’s report it anyway with headlines – Like Candidate X Refuses to do Y or Candidate X in Turmoil Over Some Perceived Slight…it’s all pretty standard fare for campaign reporting which hinges entirely on process now and rarely touches policy.

From our campaign’s perspective, here’s the truth. We are attending the convention and we’ll work to energize as many Republican activists as humanly possible for victory in November. But our campaign continues to remain laser focused on the two main turning points in this race – Primary and General Election Day. That has always been our focus.

Meanwhile, our primary opponent has made clear that she thinks she will win the convention. She appears to have staked her candidacy on it. Many have said that an endorsement at the convention is a must-get for Leah to stay relevant in this race given the current polling and fundraising disparities in this primary. But we’ll leave that for the pundits, analysts, handicappers and reporters to decide.

We will remain focused on beating Tammy Baldwin in November. Liberals from all over are starting to take notice by attacking Kevin directly. They perceive his candidacy as a direct threat to Tammy Baldwin. We’re happy to have that fight.

Thanks and chat soon. If you happen to find yourself at the convention Friday or Saturday – look us up.


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