JFC Co-chair John Nygren argued during today’s public hearing some of the changes included in the bills are things GOP lawmakers have tried before only to have Gov. Scott Walker veto them.

That includes, for example, a provision that would require the Department of Veterans Affairs notifying the JFC when transferring funds from the appropriation for the state vets home or vets trust fund. Lawmakers also previously tried to get more legislative appointments to the Group Insurance Board only to see Walker veto the proposal.

Nygren also pointed out that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. was approved by the Legislature and signed into law nearly eight years ago. Republicans pushing the changes, he said, don’t want to see Gov.-elect Tony Evers come in after eight years and just wipe out what they’ve accomplished.

The bills include a provision that would give the Assembly Speaker and Senate majority leader a majority of appointments on the WEDC Board, which would then appoint the agency CEO. Now, the guv has that power.

“What this requires is for us to have equal representation, an equal voice on the WEDC,” he said.

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