U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan slammed President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker as he delivered an assessment of the last year politically.

The Town of Vermont Dem said he typically will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly in his speech. But with complete GOP control in Washington, D.C., it’s just the bad and the ugly.

He mocked Trump for saying he would drain the swamp as he sought to connect with voters in 2016. “Instead, he’s dredged it larger and built a high-risk luxury condo on it,” Pocan said.

He slammed Ryan, R-Janesville, saying he has been complicit in everything the president has done, sat at Trump’s side, “rolled over and let him rub his belly.”

“While that got his GOP donors some big tax breaks, the rest of America was just left with fleas,” Pocan said.

He then turned his attention to Walker, saying he’s trying to make up for the last seven years with money for schools, expanding health care and giving out a $100 per-child tax credit.

“Can I mow your lawn?” Pocan mockingly asked. “Sorry, Scott, but that’s not going to make up your record for the last seven years.”

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