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Norman Stockwell, publisher of The Progressive, on “The role of independent media – why we need it now more than ever”  Wednesday, September 12, 6 PM-7:45 PM, Janesville

“During a time when the President has declared much of the press ‘the enemy of the people,” said Chuck Ogg of the Rock County Progressives. “It becomes even more important that we stand up for the freedom of that press. Therefore we are excited to have Norman Stockwell, publisher of The Progressive Magazine, speaking on “The role of independent media – why we need it now more than ever.  For over twenty years Norman served as WORT’s Community Radio’s Operations Coordinator. His reports and interviews have appeared in numerous outlets including the Capital Times, Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now! and Alternet. This event will be held on Wednesday, September 12, at *The Community Room, 1711 Lodge Drive in Janesville, at 6:00 PM. This event is free and open to the public.”

Contact information:  or [email protected]

Contact person: Chuck Ogg  608-322-2889 (for press purposes only, please do not publish).

* In Basics Food Cooperative, they ask that we please use “The Community Room.”, also on Facebook

The Rock County Progressives are a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to promote education and activism around progressive issues in Rock County. We usually have educational forms every second Wednesday of each month.

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