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AG Brad Schimel has awarded the remainder of the first round school safety grants.

Schimel yesterday announced 60 schools and districts will get the remaining $2.6 million in funding. That leaves some $48 million in funding for applicants interested in the second round of grant funding to shore up mental health initiatives in schools, among other things.

Among the recipients yesterday were: Racine Unified School District, $635,215; Newman Catholic Schools in Wausau, $160,650; Oregon School District, $145,294; New Berlin School District, $120,000; and TransCenter for Youth, Inc. in Milwaukee, $108,689.

Originally, 735 schools and districts across the state applied for some $56.6 million in funding under the first round of grants. But the Department of Justice in a release yesterday noted around a dozen schools withdrew from the process for a series of reasons. The agency ultimately awarded $48.5 million under the first round.

Applications for the second round opened on Wednesday and are due Aug. 30, and 688 schools and districts have indicated they intend to apply for funding, per DOJ. The agency estimates $48 million will be allocated through that grant process, leaving some $3 million left.

That funding, the DOJ release said, will be set aside and plans for its use will be announced in the future.

See the release here.

By Briana Reilly

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