The state Senate today approved legislation prohibiting municipalities from creating their own local labor laws after stripping out a change the Assembly made last month.

That means the bill would have to be approved by the Assembly, which plans to be in Thursday in extraordinary session, before it could head to the guv’s desk.

The Assembly provision that was stripped from the bill would have made clear the legislation did not apply to Foxconn.

The changes aimed to assuage concerns from some that provisions in the bill could potentially have unintended consequences on Foxconn’s future development plans in Racine County.

The bill would prohibit municipal and county governments from enforcing their own laws related hours, overtime and benefits. It also would bar cities and counties from setting a minimum wage for their employees and those who perform work under a contract for them, and for creating more stringent licensing requirements than the state already has in place. The bill would also prevent them from requiring an employee to submit to any collective bargaining provisions.

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