Both houses of the Legislature will be in session today with loaded calendars as lawmakers begin the final sprint before adjourning for the year.

That includes both houses taking up Gov. Scott Walker’s $200 million reinsurance plan.

The Senate’s calendar also includes measures that would:

*roll back permitting requirements for certain urban and rural wetlands;

*boost state aid for small, rural schools while allowing low-spending districts to collect more in property taxes;

*prohibit state employee health insurance plans from covering abortions except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

*raise the historic rehabilitation credit to $3.5 million per project starting July 1, instead of $500,000.

The Senate also will be in special session to take up nine of the guv’s 10 welfare bills, although the calendar does not include a bill that would add a photo ID to food stamp cards.

The Assembly’s calendar, meanwhile, features more than 80 bills, although leadership has said the chamber will break at some point during the day and take up the remaining bills tomorrow. On the agenda is legislation that would:

*let absentee voters use electronic voting machines;

*exempt rent-to-own companies from the consumer protection act;

*increase the per-project cap for the state’s historic rehabilitation tax credit;

*create a $7 million ad campaign to attract workers to Wisconsin

*create a $50 million rural economic development fund;

*allow private businesses pool resources and self-insure their employees;

*overhaul the state’s juvenile corrections program.

JR Ross will be covering the Senate, which kicks off at 11 a.m., and Riley Vetterkind and Briana Reilly will be reporting from the Assembly chamber beginning at 1 p.m. Follow them: @jrrosswrites@rvetterkind and @briana_reilly, and see Quorum Call for updates.

See the Senate calendar. 

See the Senate special session calendar. 

See the Assembly calendar. 

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