Both houses of Wisconsin’s Legislature are scheduled to be on the floor today, with the Senate planning to take up a series of confirmation votes including the heads of the Ethics and Elections commissions.

In addition to voting on the nominations of Brian Bell and Michael Haas, senators will also take up confirmation votes for DATCP Secretary Sheila Harsdorf, as well as SB 48, which would allow water companies to help customers remove lead pipes, and SB 435, which would allow first responders to render first aid to sick or injured animals.

The Assembly, meanwhile, will take up bills related to tenant rights and the composition of the Workers Compensation Council, among others.

AB 308 would change the composition of the Department of Workforce Development Workers Compensation Council by requiring that the proportion of employee representatives on the council, of which there are five, to reflect the percentage of employees in the state who are union members, but not to be less than two. Besides the employee representatives, the council’s voting members are composed of a DWD chair and five employer representatives.

And AB 771 would make various changes that would strengthen the power landlords have over tenants, including increasing limits on fees that landlords can charge tenants for credit checks, and limiting rent abatement terms.

If passed by the Assembly, both bills would need Senate approval.

JR Ross will be covering the Senate, which kicks off at 11 a.m., and Riley Vetterkind and Briana Reilly will be reporting from the Assembly chamber beginning at 1 p.m. Follow them: @jrrosswrites@rvetterkind and @briana_reilly; and check Quorum Call for updates.

See the Senate calendar.

See the Assembly calendar.

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