Hanif Nu’Man, founder and chief sociologist at ReSCI Consulting, takes a science-based approach to business management consulting.

“I go into organizations, and I attempt to do a deep dive into your workspace by doing qualitative methodologies — interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, surveys, observation — to get an understanding of your culture,” he said.

By applying these research methods, he helps businesses solve specific problems with their operations. For example, if a client’s business is suffering due to poor customer service, he could hone in on failures to communicate that stem from the company’s culture.

As part of that process, he takes the data gleaned from these measures, compares conflicting opinions and perspectives within the organization, and creates an independent assessment. That is used to outline possible effects of intervention, as well as make recommendations for possible next steps.

“I try to find the soft skill solution to fit the problem that seems to exacerbate the poor culture,” Nu’Man said, speaking at a recent meeting of entrepreneurial group 1 Million Cups in Madison.

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