Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin warned that the stakes have never been higher this fall for working Wisconsinites.

She cautioned that special interests and Republicans in a dysfunctional Washington are threatening the livelihood of the citizens of the state, and touted her work to put Wisconsinites first.

“Let’s put these special interests and out of state mega donors on notice,” she said. “This year let’s organize, let’s take the fight for them, and stand up for Wisconsin.”

With special interests pushing their agenda, Baldwin said healthcare costs will continue to rise, and warned that the GOP might again try to repeal the Affordable Care Act. She touted her own efforts toward including the requirement in the ACA that young people can stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26.

She railed against the GOP tax law as providing its monetary benefits only to the wealthy one percent and corporations, and spoke repeatedly and ominously of powerful special interests “rigging the system in their favor.”

She also called out President Trump for not standing up for her plan for American infrastructure improvements to exclusively make use of American iron and steel.

But she also highlighted her push to address the opioid epidemic, and called on Democrats to heighten turnout in the fall.

“I have something that the special interests don’t: you,” she said.

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