Gov. Scott Walker acknowledged Saturday his own frustrations with Republicans in Washington, D.C., but urged GOP activists to push past that to help his re-election bid this fall.

Walker said Wisconsin offers the antidote to GOP failures in the nation’s Capital and continued to warn Republican activists of what’s at stake in Wisconsin this fall if Dems win, from the repeal of collective bargaining powers for most public employees to restrictions on abortion.

He also urged them to reach out to their fellow Republicans, saying he regularly hears from party members that they’re unhappy with Washington and “Heck, I’m upset with some of the Republicans in Washington.”

Still, Walker sought to pin the blame for that frustration on the Senate, saying President Trump “and his great team are moving America forward” and the House has passed legislation such as a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He used that frustration to urge the defeat of U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, this fall.

“If you’re upset with the federal government, we have an answer,” Walker said. “You see, in Wisconsin, we offer the cure to what ails us in Washington.”

Walker has spent much of the year warning Republicans what’s at stake in this fall’s elections, first calling Dem Patty Schachtner’s win in the 10th SD in January a “wake up” call. After liberal Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet won the state Supreme Court race in April, Walker started talking about the potential of a blue wave hitting Wisconsin.

As he often does, Walker on Saturday accused his Dem opponents of being filled with “anger and hatred” while urging supporters to counter that with “optimism and organization.” Walker also told delegates Republicans were likely to lose their majorities in the Legislature if one of his Dem opponents is elected.

That would mean the tuition freeze at the UW System, photo ID, lower taxes and Foxconn’s plant in southeastern Wisconsin could be gone.

Walker said liberals know what’s at stake, which is why outside groups led by former AG Eric Holder and wealthy activists such as Tom Steyer and George Soros have already focused in on Wisconsin.

“We need to wake up,” Walker implored, saying this election will be tougher than any he’s had so far.

The guv touted what he calls his “Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century” agenda saying it seeks to make Wisconsin one of the best in the country for both millennials and retirees. That includes making Wisconsin a state with the high school graduation rate one of the best in the nation, some of the best health care systems in the country and on in which families to keep more of their take-home pay.

“The bottom line is want the people of Wisconsin win the 21st Century,” Walker said.

Walker implored activists to help on the doors, on the phones, at work, at worship and at school, saying he needs their help to spread the message about his record and optimistic vision.

“I know that we can win, ladies and gentlemen, because we have won before,” Walker said.

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