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Gov. Scott Walker called on NFL players to stand on the field during the national anthem as a Twitter spat erupted on the issue often stoked by President Trump.

The war of up to 280 characters at a time Tuesday included Dem lt. guv nominee Mandela Barnes accusing GOP incumbent Rebecca Kleefisch of lying for saying “neighbors” saw him kneel during the anthem.

The social media feud began when Walker retweeted a Barnes post from January in which the former Dem lawmaker wrote “Take a knee” in response to a story questioning if Trump knew the words to the anthem.

Walker added a comment asking if Evers believes “everyone should STAND UP” for the anthem out of respect for veterans and members of the military.

“With the NFL season opener tonight, I’m calling on all players to stand up, put their hands on their heart, and show some RESPECT to the brave men and women in uniform — it’s that simple and the least they can do!” wrote Walker, later adding “none of this staying in the locker room either.”

Barnes fired back, “Feel free to @ me next time. Also, your president should learn the words. Also, shows you just don’t get it. Also, you could have served in THREE wars, why didn’t you stand up then?”

Walker, 50, has been in public office since winning a June 1993 special election to the Assembly. He was 25 at the time.

Evers weighed in on Twitter as well, writing, “I am proud to stand for the national anthem, and I am proud to respect our first amendment rights to peacefully protest. Scott Walker wants to distract and divide us–anything to avoid talking about his record. That’s why we need a change.”

Kleefisch, meanwhile, wrote Barnes believes in kneeling during the anthem, adding “In fact, WI neighbors have told me that they have seen him do exactly that.”

Kleefisch’s campaign didn’t return a call seeking details on the allegation, which Barnes called a lie.

Barnes said in a phone interview he hasn’t kneeled during the anthem and responded to Kleefisch on Twitter, “Now you’re just lying.”

Evers’ campaign didn’t immediately return a call today seeking a response to Walker’s tweet.

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