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Gov. Scott Walker will tell party activists at this weekend’s GOP state convention “we need to wake up” as he continues to sound the alarm about a possible blue wave coming this November.

But the state Dem Party slammed Walker’s “wildly unpopular” agenda of “taking away health care, cutting schools and letting roads crumble” to give state dollars to Taiwanese tech company Foxconn.

Walker has repeatedly called on supporters since Dems won the 10th SD in a January special election to get fired up and engaged. He sounded the alarm again after liberal-leaning Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet won the open state Supreme Court seat last month.

And Walker this weekend will continue that refrain, according to excerpts of his speech the campaign released ahead of his address tomorrow. Part of his speech features a list of “all of the positive reforms” that could be in jeopardy if Dems take over.

“If a Democrat is elected as governor, we will also likely lose the majorities in the state Legislature,” Walker will say. “If that happens, all of the positive reforms we worked so hard for could be gone!”

That includes, according to the Walker speech text: record-low unemployment; balanced budgets; the UW System tuition freeze; a photo ID to vote; “protection for the unborn and elderly”; “Foxconn’s 13,000 good-paying, family-supporting jobs — and with it — the likelihood that any other employers would ever come or expand in Wisconsin”; and more.

“We need to wake up,” Walker will tell party activists. “This election is going to be tougher than any we’ve faced so far — and the consequences are greater than ever.”

The guv will also lay out his plan for the next four years, which he is dubbing “Wisconsin Wins in the 21st Century.”

Among the priorities, Walker will say, are making Wisconsin “one of the best states in America for millennials AND retirees,” as well as improving the high school graduation rate, and upping the number of people in the workforce.

Meanwhile, state Democratic Party spokeswoman Melanie Conklin said Walker “is in a panic because his national plans failed and his agenda is wildly unpopular with the people of Wisconsin.”

“So at the convention he plans to twist his record in an attempt to pull Wisconsin voters into an Upside Down parallel universe where they won’t remember what his giveaways to the rich and Foxconn are costing the rest of us,” she said.

See Walker’s speech excerpts.

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