Gov. Scott Walker used his veto pen to extend the August sales tax holiday from two to five days.

In a partial veto message the guv issued after signing into law the $100-per-child tax rebate and sales tax holiday Tuesday, Walker wrote that holding the holiday for two days “may deny hardworking taxpayers with children the chance to take advantage of this sales tax holiday.”

Instead, the sales tax holiday will run from Aug. 1 to Aug. 5. Extending the period by three days, Walker wrote in his veto message, is estimated to cost an extra $3 million on top of the $11.8 million original cost estimate. That’s in addition to the $122 million cost of the child tax rebate plan.

Walker also partially vetoed another section of the bill that would have only allowed parents to claim the child tax rebate. The language had originally said the rebate would apply to those under 18 for the entire year of 2017 who are “the claimant’s child and the claimant’s dependent.”

But Walker said his action of striking “the claimant’s child” means children under the care of grandparents or other relatives would be counted, which he said was the original intent of the plan and wouldn’t impact its cost.

“The bill’s language specifying that the qualified child must also be the claimant’s child inadvertently would exclude cases where other family members are raising a child who lost his or her parents to death, incapacitation or incarceration, or other factors,” he wrote.

See the guv’s veto message: 

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