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WisDems: “Leah Vukmir Is Not For Us” Press Conference
Medical professionals to highlight Leah Vukmir’s record of siding with insurance companies and special interests over patients, including by blocking coverage for autism treatments

WAUWATOSA — TODAY at 11:00 AM in Wauwatosa, area medical professionals will hold a “Leah Vukmir is Not For Us” press conference to highlight Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir blocking coverage for autism treatments as well as her consistent record of siding with powerful special interests over Wisconsinites in need of health care coverage.

In 2007, Vukmir blocked two separate bills that would have required insurance companies to cover Wisconsinites’ autism treatments. First, Vukmir used her position as chair of the Assembly Committee on Health and Healthcare Reform to block and ultimately kill 2007 Assembly 417, a bill to require “health insurance coverage of treatment for autism spectrum disorders,” without so much as holding a hearing a vote or hearing on the measure. Then, Vukmir worked to sabotage 2007 Senate Bill 178, a bipartisan bill that passed the Senate to expand autism treatment coverage, ultimately voting to table and kill it.

Event Details:
WHO: Nurse and former state Rep. Sandy Pasch and area medical professionals
WHAT: “Leah Vukmir Is Not For Us” Press Conference On Vukmir Blocking Coverage For Autism Treatments
WHEN: 11:00 AM on Wednesday, October 17
WHERE: The corner of W Connell Ct. and N 92nd St. (Parking is available on N Connell Ave.)
RSVP: Media interested in attending should email Brad Bainum at

Vukmir supports repealing the Affordable Care Act and gutting its protections for people with pre-existing conditions and she has consistently opposed Wisconsinites getting the care and coverage that they need, including by blocking and voting against coverage for oral chemotherapy, mental health care and substance abuse treatments, and even kids’ cochlear implants and hearing aids. Relatedly, in March 2013, Vukmir for more than one year blocked an infant heart screening bill, as chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, letting it “languish” and die, without a public hearing or vote.

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