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Aaron Weinschenk: Supreme Court vote was most partisan ever

Voting patterns in state almost exactly match the 2016 presidential victory for Trump.

Al Gedicks: Wisconsin could face a mining disaster

Mining company's proposed tailings dam could cause massive pollution of Lake Michigan.

Alan Talaga: Take the money!

It’s time for Wisconsin to accept federal dollars to expand Medicaid eligibility.

André Jacque: Prevailing wage repeal protects public investment, taxpayers and local business

Artificially high prevailing wage laws have cost all of us as taxpayers, and as a legislature, we responsibly chose to ensure that public dollars invested in infrastructure weren’t just thrown at problems, but spent more efficiently to make whatever is spent go further.

April Barker: Don’t purge expunged criminal records

The goal of helping ex-offenders get jobs is laudable, but too much public information will be lost.

Ashanti Hamilton: Milwaukee’s renewal

In Milwaukee, we are entering a new era of opportunity.

Bill Kaplan: Congressional oversight, not impeachment

Congressional oversight with public hearings, not impeachment, is the best way forward to develop a fuller chronology and accounting. The 2020 elections will bring change.

Bill Kaplan: How to win in 2020

Democrats can’t write off rural or suburban Wisconsinites, Trump voters or count on automatic support from Democratic-leaning voters. To win the 2020 state Supreme Court election, legislative and presidential contests Democrats must engage the entire state.

Bill Kaplan: Trump’s betrayal on health care

Last Monday, Trump ordered the Justice Department to intervene with hard-right GOP governors, asking a federal appeals court to strike down the entire ACA.

Bill Kaplan: Yes and no on marijuana

Yes on criminal justice reforms and medical marijuana, no on full legalization.

Bill Lueders: Brian Hagedorn’s lucky breaks

Judge Brian Hagedorn should have been a dream opponent for progressives in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. But thanks to some lucky breaks, late spending and an uninspiring opponent, Hagedorn eked out a victory.

Bruce Murphy: 10 lessons of Supreme Court race

Anger drives votes, media in decline, traditional judicial campaigns are dead, and more.

Bruce Murphy: Are Milwaukee’s police pursuits out of control?

Massive increase in high speed chases under the new policy. Results are scary.

Bruce Murphy: Foxconn as high comedy

Tech publication The Verge tries to figure out what Foxconn is actually doing here.

Bruce Murphy: More doubts raised about Foxconn

Compressed gravel base can’t support LCD fabrication plant. So what’s being built?

Bruce Murphy: Republicans scared of trucking industry?

They oppose fee on trucks that destroy roads, while getting big money from the industry.

Bruce Murphy: Taxpayers makes Bucks, Brewers rich

Forbes sees huge growth in value of franchises since taxpayer-financed stadiums built.

Bruce Murphy: Walker’s costly war on the poor 

Former governor’s “trampoline” for SNAP recipients is a high-cost failure, report finds.

Bruce Thompson: Should state expand Medicaid with federal funds?

No, say two researchers. But their data is highly suspect.

Bruce Thompson: Walker seeks to gerrymander America

His new job: finance chair of a national group opposing non-partisan redistricting.

Bruce Thompson: What is the future of health care?

Who’s gained the most from ACA and why Medicare for All could be a trap.

Bryan Steil: My first three months in office

After my first three months in Washington, I’ve learned that by cutting through the dysfunction, focusing on solutions and listening to you, I can achieve results for Southeast Wisconsin.

Casey Hoff: Wisconsin expungement law proposal would give more second chances

Wisconsin lawmakers are seeking to amend the expungement law so that if a person does not ask for expungement at the time of sentencing, he or she can still come back to the judge and request it at a later date if the person successfully completes his or her sentence. Lawmakers are also seeking to allow people 25 years old or older at the time of the offense to request expungement.

Chris Walker: Death by suicide is up in WI since gun waiting period law...

The suicide of a young woman in Colorado this week demonstrates that 48-hour waiting periods for gun purchases can save lives.

CJ Szafir: What an activist Supreme Court would look like

There’s no question that a Wisconsin Supreme Court full of judicial activists would send Wisconsin back generations, chipping away – or flat out reversing – a number of conservative priorities and Walker reforms.

Dan O’Donnell: A hundred days of virtue signaling

Devoid of any actual achievement during his first hundred days, Evers has instead settled for giving the appearance of diligence while doing absolutely nothing substantive.

Dan O’Donnell: Bring on impeachment!

Nancy Pelosi is deathly afraid of impeachment. No, it’s not because of a sudden magnanimous surge of camaraderie. It’s because she understands what her fellow Democrats do not: Impeaching President Trump would be an unmitigated disaster.

Dan O’Donnell: The comeback

Nobody, it seemed, gave Brian Hagedorn even a puncher’s chance.

Dan O’Donnell: The politics of resentment

Democrats constantly remind us that “it’s the top one percent vs. the bottom 99 percent” and “the rich don’t pay their fair share.” So effective is this manipulation that it wholly obscures the truth – the rich don’t just pay their fair share. They pay everyone’s share.

Darin Von Ruden: ‘More exports’ mantra isn’t getting the job done

The evidence is clear: In addition to increasing demand through exports and dairy consumption, we also need to be looking at the supply side of the equation.

Dave Cieslewicz: Hagedorn debacle argues for avoiding culture wars

The mistake that Democrats seemed to make in this Supreme Court race was that they came out of the gate attacking Hagedorn for being anti-gay. Hagedorn very skillfully reinterpreted that as an attack on his religious beliefs.

Dave Cieslewicz: Keep cops in high schools

A small but vocal minority wants to remove police officers from Madison high schools.

Dave Cieslewicz: Robin Vos: Man of principle

According to the latest poll, 70 percent of Wisconsin residents want the state to take federal money to expand Medicaid eligibility. But the Assembly speaker is going to “lead” in a different direction.

Dave Cieslewicz: SRC ran a flawless campaign

Satya Rhodes-Conway identified her voters, closed the deal with them and got them to the polls. No wasted effort.

Dave Zweifel: Capitalism needs constant saving from itself

History is replete with stories of how some businesses can't be trusted to not let greed and profits get in the way.

Dave Zweifel: Don’t believe the scaremongers’ diatribes on socialism

Scaremongering over socialism is silly and dishonest. Those who dwell in that dishonesty are on the wrong side of history.

Dave Zweifel: Donald Trump takes buffoonery to new level with claims of ‘windmill’ dangers

Trump is so obsessed with promoting fossil fuels regardless of their contributions to long-term climate change that he's now decided to make wind power, the renewable energy powering more and more homes every year, a villain of major proportions.

Dave Zweifel: Evers misses the mark with proposed repeal of minimum markup on gas

Evers needs to understand that repeal of any element of the minimum markup law isn't good for many small family businesses that still exist in Wisconsin, but awfully good for those who want to put them out of business.

Dave Zweifel: Foxconn’s confusing the hell out of us

Time will tell how Wisconsin will fare, perhaps sooner than we think.

Dave Zweifel: It’s time for lawmakers to make heavy trucks pay their fair share...

Existing truck fees, both in Wisconsin and in most states, barely cover 35 percent of the damage they cause, according to the American Automobile Association and the Federal Highway Administration.

Dave Zweifel: Madison owes many thanks to Paul Soglin

He lost last week's election, ironically, to a candidate who is full of ideas and plans for the city, much as he was back in 1973. What will never be lost, though, is that Soglin was a blessing for Madison. That's how he'll be long remembered.

Dave Zweifel: Scott Walker’s refusal to grant pardons failed people, like Eric Pizer, who...

Deserving people need a second chance. Unfortunately, Walker, a self-proclaimed devout Christian, didn't believe in that.

Dave Zweifel: Uber IPO classic case of rich get richer

As the rich get richer and the poor poorer, the Ubers and Lyfts of the world are giving us another lesson in why that's so.

David Blaska: The party’s over for the Trump-crazed left

The Mueller report is definitive as in “case closed” — there was no collusion with Russia.

David Fladeboe: Trump voters vs. Dane County

Supporters of Brian Hagedorn knew that they had to wake up a lot of dormant Trump voters and turn them out to vote.

Dominique Paul Noth: Right wing takes Wisconsin court seat in a strident hate campaign

If his win holds up, it is doubly depressing for Democrats since he will replace for a 10-year term one of the most respected jurists in Wisconsin history, Shirley Abrahamson, and give the court an insurmountable 5-2 conservative majority with only one supreme court race on the horizon in the next three years.

Don Vruwink: Shifting gears and moving forward

According to a survey by the Wisconsin Public Research Interest Group, students on our 24 college campuses in Wisconsin said they wanted more transportation options beyond the traditional family car … although 85 percent want the traditional car as well.

Four Russian journalists: A letter from Moscow

In late March a group of visiting young Russian journalists who cover the parliament in Moscow visited Washington, D.C., and Madison, meeting a variety of academic, political, and media figures. They were asked to share their impressions.

Gordon Hintz: 10 reasons to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers 2019-21 budget makes expansion one of its centerpieces, addressing the health care needs of Wisconsin while maximizing taxpayer dollars to fund other important priorities such as education.

Gregory Humphrey: Joe Biden remains as American as it gets

My respect and admiration for his brand of politics, along with his love of country and his deep fondness for his fellow citizens, has been echoed by millions who also know him to be smart and capable.

Gregory Humphrey: Madison and Chicago mayoral elections good news for gay youth

In both Madison and Chicago gay candidates for mayor won office.

Gregory Humphrey: True colors show at Wisconsin Capitol

Elections have consequences. That is one of the basic understandings students will come to accept as civics is studied in classrooms around the state. But as news stories this week demonstrate some leaders in Madison, who are to work for the people ‘back home’, have forgotten that precept.

Gwen Moore: On unwrapping Trump’s tax gift to the wealthy

Republicans continue to claim that the tax law changes benefit all Americans and boost the broader economy. However, the mounting evidence demonstrates the critics were right all along: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a de facto massive giveaway to large corporations and the top one percent.

James Rowen: Clean, available water is a legal right. Your birthright, too

This is the right time in Wisconsin to stand up for water rights.

James Rowen: Four questions of cost and liability hang over Foxconn project

There are bigger questions raised by the Foxconn project than what devices the company may build on disappearing farmland in Mt. Pleasant and how many human workers will eventually he hired in subsidized production there.

James Rowen: The WI GOP wants you to subsidize water grabs, polluted leftovers

Wisconsin Republicans want to grab many more thousands of taxpayer dollars to keep what's left of environmental law tllted towards their donors and other special interests.

James Rowen: Trump’s in WI this week, so time to defend Harley!

Remembering that he's visiting battleground Wisconsin in a few days, Trump is now threatening to 'help' Harley-Davidson after bashing the company last year, hurting H-D profitability with import duties on metals he triggered and even urging foreign competitors to set up shop in the US.

James Wigderson: Evers education plan has trouble finding popular support, according to poll

Gov. Tony Evers’ education policies are having trouble winning popular support, according to a new poll released Tuesday by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

James Wigderson: Providing the free electric juice to Illinois tourists

Rep. Adam Neylon and his fellow Assembly Republicans are trying to outbid Gov. Tony Evers on creating charging stations for electric cars, a part of an “Earth Day” plan to have more government intervention in subsidizing renewable energy.

James Wigderson: Racine mayor gives taxpayers bad information about school choice

City of Racine residents received a flyer with their tax bills in December listing how much of the total property tax bill was being spent on the local technical college, county taxes, city taxes, taxes for the school district, and supposedly the tax bill for funding the Racine Parental Choice Program, the private school voucher program.

James Wigderson: Winners and losers of the Wisconsin Supreme Court election

RightWisconsin's James Wigderson looks at the winners and losers in Tuesday's election beyond the candidates.

Jeff Simpson: WisDems caught looking

This election was a lay-up and only the WisDems could figure out a way to muff it in grand fashion.

Jeff Smith: State Building Commission turns partisan

Vote by party lines on governor’s capital budget breaks with bipartisan tradition.

Jill Billings: Infrastructure investments create jobs, boost economies, and save dollars

After years of deferring vital maintenance and safety upgrades, Gov. Tony Evers prioritized our state infrastructure to improve our public buildings while creating jobs and boosting local economies statewide.

Joe Sanfelippo: The road to a sustainable DOT does not require a tax increase

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. One of the clearest lessons from...

John McCormack: How conservatives scored a stunning upset in Wisconsin

Hagedorn’s victory was nothing short of stunning. His campaign had been left for dead by some business groups in the state after his opponents attacked him as an anti-LGBT bigot for founding a private Christian school that upholds traditional Christian beliefs about marriage and sex.

John Mielke: No dire consequences for repeal of prevailing wage so far

We have strong construction performance even with the repeal of prevailing wage.

John Nichols: A big progressive win in Green Bay highlights the evolving politics of...

Eric Genrich, a member of the Assembly from 2013 to 2019, was elected as the new mayor of Green Bay. His win is a big deal politically, as it represented a shift in direction for the state’s third-largest city — and another sign that progressive ideas are gaining traction in cities well beyond Madison and Milwaukee.

John Nichols: Bernie Sanders is running as champion of workers and their unions

By delivering this bold pro-union message as a front-running presidential contender, Bernie Sanders is sending a “Which Side Are You On?” signal that other contenders will not be able to ignore, and that has the potential to transform not just our politics but the lives of working-class Americans.

John Nichols: Mark Pocan is fighting for open and inclusive Democratic Party

Congressman Mark Pocan and other progressives are calling on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to reverse its decision to not grant contracts to pollsters, strategists and communications specialists working with Democrats who mount primary challenges to incumbents in 2020.

John Nichols: Tammy Baldwin is the smart vice presidential pick

It is rare for anyone to run for vice president, and Baldwin won’t actively campaign for the position. But Democrats, particularly progressive Democrats who are serious about winning in 2020, would be wise to talk her up as a running mate for whoever is nominated.

John Nichols: What Mueller report reveals about meddling with Wisconsin elections

No matter where people come down on the question of whether Trump was personally engaged with, or aware of, Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 election campaign on his behalf, the fact that the Trump campaign was focusing the attention of foreign figures on Wisconsin is a serious matter.

Julie Grace: Expungement reform would put people back to work

Wisconsin’s law, which requires a judge to decide on expungement at the time of sentencing, is unlike any in the nation.

Kelly Ruh: Trump rocked the Resch Center in triumphant return to Green Bay

Team Trump is going to win the White House again next year, and Wisconsin will undoubtedly play a major role in this outcome, but it all gets started now. One day, we’ll look back on the Green Bay rally as the start of another wild ride to victory.

Kristin Gilkes: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure investments have many benefits

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are signaling their interest in investments for Wisconsin’s publicly-available electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The Customers First! Coalition applauds these efforts because of the broad benefits the investments could have for citizens across the state.

LaKeshia Myers: Equity on the frontlines: Nursing assistants deserve more

Despite the large demand for nursing assistants, wages remain low. Wisconsin Technical Colleges showed nursing assistant as number one in their ‘Jobs in Demand Listing’ for 2018. It also showed the median starting salary of $26,752.

LaKeshia Myers: When the “least of these” is you & me

Just as Americans were outraged at the unexplainably slow response to the survivors of Katrina, I have noticed the same has been evident with the rescue and relief effort for Mozambique.

Libby Sobic and Will Flanders: Evers education plan hits districts benefiting from open enrollment

Evers appears to favor a return to a system where the vast majority of Wisconsin’s kids have no option about where to attend school other than their government-assigned district school.

Libby Sobic: City of Milwaukee finally sells a vacant school building

MPS was contacted by at least two interested buyers for Hayes in 2012 and 2013, but the building has sat empty for the last several years.

Matt Kittle: Conservative grassroots shock and ‘WOW’ in delivering Hagedorn Supreme Court victory

The conservative grassroots appeared to get its groove back Tuesday. And southeast Wisconsin’s WOW counties wowed again in helping to deliver a narrow victory to conservative state Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn, a victory that could keep the court in conservative hands until at least 2023.

Matt Kittle: Evers’ latest task force another gift to big labor

If there had ever been any question whether Gov. Tony Evers’ Big Labor allies would be directing policy, that question has been settled early and often. The latest example — the governor’s press conference last week announcing his executive order creating a task force to examine payroll fraud and worker misclassification.

Matt Rothschild: Two more counties vote to ban gerrymandering

50 counties’ voters or their boards have now voted for nonpartisan redistricting.

Matthew Rothschild: Waupaca County joins effort to ban gerrymandering

Waupaca is conservative territory, and the passing of the referendum there is yet more confirmation that this is an issue that’s popular across the board.

Michael Cummins: A sin tax, minus the sin

The E-Cigarette Excise Tax is part of Gov. Tony Evers’ “People’s Budget” proposal. At 71 percent, it would be among the highest vape tax in the country.

Michael W. Wagner, Jiyoun Suk, Lewis A. Friedland & others: What makes Wisconsin swing?

For the past seven years, our Communication and Civic Renewal research group has been studying contentious politics in Wisconsin. We are particularly interested in how the state’s communication ecology interacts with political, economic and social contexts to affect how people engage in politics.

Owen Robinson: Behold, the child-king Evers

Seemingly every action in Gov. Tony Evers' first three months has been marked by incompetence, rank partisanship, childishness, or all three — and he doesn’t seem to be improving.

Owen Robinson: Feeling the weight of government

Wisconsin’s tax burden is not good, but it has been improving for the last eight years. Republicans should fight hard to maintain that trajectory for the benefit of all Wisconsinites.

Patrick Testin: Wisconsin poised to lead in hemp cultivation

We have two goals with the Growing Opportunities Act; we want to build confidence at every level of the hemp industry, and we want to guarantee that Wisconsin will continue to manage the development of this crop.

Patty Schachtner: Evers’ budget provides a start on long-term care

Without change, the challenges facing our long-term care system will grow. We need real solutions and partnerships to prepare for the future.

Paul Fanlund: A father, a son and how the Cap Times saved a family

For former Cap Times editor-in-chief Elliott Maraniss, his wife, Mary, and their four children, his start at the Cap Times in 1957 rescued a family that was both beleaguered and nomadic.

Paul Fanlund: A smaller, safer Dane County Jail is within reach

Approval by the Dane County Board is possible in June on a $150-million annex, or “south tower,” next to the Public Safety Building downtown.

Paul Fanlund: In Trump’s America, the left didn’t start the fire

Some analysts are saying both sides of the political aisle are responsible for an increase in political hate, but if it's rage we're talking about, that's coming from Trump supporters.

Paul Fanlund: Interpreting Mayor-elect Satya Rhodes-Conway’s landslide

Rhodes-Conway won by a resounding 62 percent to 38 percent, marking a change that is both generational and transformational.

Peter Annin: Book excerpt: ‘Great Lakes Water Wars’

With Gov. Tony Evers suggesting a new Foxconn contract and Earth Day approaching, here is an excerpt from Peter Annin's "Great Lakes Water Wars" detailing a controversial diversion to help the Tawainese company.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Christians won’t fall for Buttigieg’s platitudes

Pete Buttigieg has made Christianity a cornerstone of his candidacy, but while he talks the talk, his record in office doesn’t show he is walking the walk.

Rebecca Blank: Launching the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute

Data science is an area that is flourishing, with applications covering the humanities to engineering. The research conducted through the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute will help propel this field forward.

Ryan J. Owens: Lessons and thoughts on Tuesday’s election

To the surprise of some, conservatives flipped the seat they wanted to capture for decades. They once again own a 5-2 majority on the Court.

Sarah Godlewski: Evers’ budget will restore resources for fiscal watchdog

The governor has proposed essential funding for the Treasurer’s Office that will help protect your tax dollars and build a stronger economy for everyone.

Spencer Black: Things are looking up for Wisconsin’s environment

We have a new governor and a new team in charge of the DNR and by all accounts, happier days are ahead for those of us who cherish our Wisconsin outdoors.

Steven Walters: Can any ”dark store” reform get passed?

Evers wants full reform but big lobbying groups oppose it. Lawmakers seek compromise.

Steven Walters: Evers, GOP tie in first innings of Capitol baseball

Democrat Tony Evers has been governor for almost three months. If they were the first innings of a baseball game, the score might be 3-3 between Evers and Republicans who control the Legislature.

Tom Still: In a spreading tech environment, Wisconsin must strive to compete

Tech jobs, whether they are found inside tech-based companies or in other business sectors, are vital to state and regional economies. Wisconsin is no exception to what is becoming a national rule.

Tom Tiffany and Duey Stroebel: Wisconsin’s hidden debt

Despite being well-intentioned upon enactment in 1989, the stewardship program primarily allows the state to purchase land it cannot otherwise afford, through borrowing, pushing costs onto future generations.

Tommy Thompson: Streamlining drug approvals can lower treatment costs

The FDA just issued draft guidance that would expedite the development of groundbreaking cures by empowering drug makers to utilize "adaptive trial designs."

Will Flanders: New UW study uses questionable assumptions to justify Medicaid expansion

Liberal proponents of expansion are attempting to muddy the waters and undermine the common sense notion that there is no free lunch, even in healthcare.

Will Flanders: School choice a bargain for taxpayers despite Sondy Pope memo

To make the claim that school choice is undermining public school spending is one of the biggest fallacies regularly repeated by choice opponents.

William L. Holahan and Charles O. Kroncke: Wisconsin needs the right mix of capitalism...

Modern capitalism thrives best when government provides essential public goods and services to complement the growth of the private sector.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Soglin’s legacy as Madison mayor

With Paul Soglin leaving office this week, WisOpinion Insiders Jensen & Chvala reflect on the legacy of the capital city's longtime mayor. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the impact of Hagedorn’s Supreme Court victory

With Lisa Neubauer's concession to fellow Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn in the race to replace Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, trade views on what the outcome means for future elections and the high court. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ outline competing budget strategies of Evers, Republicans

With Joint Finance Committee public hearings concluded, WisOpinion Insiders Chvala & Jensen outline the competing budget strategies of Gov. Tony Evers and the GOP Legislature. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: “The Insiders” talk Foxconn and its impact on the political landscape

With recent questions about the type of construction proceeding at Foxconn, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider the past stumbles by the Taiwanese...
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