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Andrea Kaminski: Why Wisconsin needs Medicaid expansion — and why opponents are wrong

Here are five reasons why Wisconsin should accept the federal funding for Medicaid expansion.

Bill Esbeck: Broadband has bipartisan support in Congress

Deploying broadband is an issue that generates strong bipartisan support in our nation’s capital. In May, the entire Wisconsin congressional delegation came together seeking Federal Communications Commission action on better broadband mapping, which will lead to more efficient broadband investments.

Bill Kaplan: Do Republicans support Medicaid expansion?

The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll indicates that 55 percent of Republicans support states expanding Medicaid.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Bill Kaplan: Moore, Pocan mistaken on impeachment

There has never been a magic solution to the existential threat that Trump poses. Not impeachment, the Twenty-fifth Amendment or lawsuits. Only winning the 2020 presidential election will work.
Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Bill Kaplan: Shenanigans on McCain and disaster relief

The conservative Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump White House tried to keep a U.S. Navy destroyer, named for Senator John McCain, out of view during Trump’s trip to Japan.

Bill Osmulski: How to improve transportation without revenue raisers

It’s irresponsible to ask Wisconsin taxpayers and drivers to shoulder a heavier burden before the state proves it can be trusted to “just fix it.”

Bill Osmulski: New road plan: Millions saved and no gas tax hike

Gov. Evers’ budget includes an 8-cent gas tax hike with automatic increases tied to inflation, but a small group of Republican lawmakers have an alternative plan. They say it could save the DOT $22.8 million a year through efficiencies and negate the need to raise the gas tax. They’re calling it the “Road to Sustainability Package.”

Bruce Murphy: The incredible shrinking Foxconn plant

New specs show its vastly smaller than the original plan. And not the LCD plant promised.

Bruce Murphy: Trump tariffs killing Wisconsin

In just three years state changed from net exporter to suffering a massive trade deficit.

Bruce Murphy: Why GOP opposes federal Medicaid funds

It’s cost state taxpayers $1.1 billion. Why won’t Republicans accept the money?

Bruce Murphy: Why Republicans hate the gas tax

Once they promoted this user fee, now they’d rather roads fall apart. Why?

Bruce Thompson: Can Democrats win the state Assembly?

With right issues, it’s possible, even If districts are still gerrymandered.

Bruce Thompson: Democrats now the free trade party?

Attitudes of the two parties seem to be flip-flopping on this issue.

Bruce Thompson: The Republican attack on ‘socialism’

Ron Johnson and Trump lead the way. But beyond that word, things get murky.

Cameron Sholty: Barnes’ uncomfortable joke about marijuana worth discussion, not offense

It’s time Republicans and conservatives have a conversation among themselves and in their communities, not just about cannabis policy, but also about alcohol, drunk driving and criminal justice reform. And if Barnes’ dumb joke is the impetus for those conversations, I’m certain that’s a good thing.

Chris Larson: Wisconsin’s need to fund public education

If the education budget crafted by Republicans on Joint Finance is signed as is, the increase will be $903 million less than what voters expected when they went to the polls in November to vote for change and for Evers.

Chris Taylor: Republicans are stuck in the past while Tony Evers moves us forward

Throughout the budget process, my Republican colleagues on the Joint Finance Committee repeatedly touted how eight years of Republican rule had “turned the state around.” Yet the facts reveal a starkly different picture.

Chris Walker: The pride flag flies over the Capitol — and Republicans lose their...

State Republicans don't actually care about so-called 'divisive' flags — they just want something to rile their bases.

Dan O’Donnell: Home alone

Without Scott Walker around to rein in spending, Republicans are set to pass the most bloated budget in their history.

Dan O’Donnell: The hard bigotry of no expectations

Marquette University announced that it will no longer require prospective students to submit SAT and/or ACT scores as part of their applications.

Dan O’Donnell: Ignorance of the law is no excuse

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Richard Niess Niess’s belief that the judiciary can intervene when it doesn’t like how one of the other branches of government sets its own schedule is simultaneously laughable and terrifying. That three Wisconsin Supreme Court justices agreed with it is downright chilling.

Dan O’Donnell: Poisonous gas

Raising the gas tax is a short-sighted solution to a long-term problem. So naturally, Illinois is diving in headfirst.

Dave Cieslewicz: A budget by Christmas?

One house can hold up the whole process and two GOP senators have already said they oppose the budget passed by the GOP-controlled Joint Finance Committee.

Dave Cieslewicz: Forgiving college debt isn’t progressive

When we write off student debt it means that other taxpayers have to pay for the poor judgment of those who got themselves into this predicament.

Dave Cieslewicz: Pervert the process, fix the roads

The workaround that Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee have come up with to get to some form of transportation tax increase has even me a little concerned. But just a little. If it works, I’ll eat the sausage.

Dave Zweifel: Being ‘pro-life’ is meaningless if it doesn’t extend past birth

For sure, there are many abortion foes who sincerely believe that to abort a fetus is an intolerable sin. But, also for sure, there's a vast swath of so-called "pro-life" advocates and lawmakers who are nothing but hypocrites.

Dave Zweifel: CEO pay skyrockets while the rest of us are left behind

According to the New York Times, the median of the 200 top chief executives received compensation totaling $18.6 million in 2018, up about 6.3 percent from the year before — roughly twice the increase the average working stiff received during this "roaring economy." Interestingly, economists and the Trump government call the 3.2 percent hike in ordinary wages last year "robust."

Dave Zweifel: Corporate interests have bullied family farmers into devastation

In Wisconsin and elsewhere, we're witnessing the advent of huge "concentrated animal feeding operations," or CAFOs. Operated by corporate interests, they find their own ways to bully their way the political landscape.

Dave Zweifel: Dick Wagner tells us what we didn’t know about Wisconsin’s gay history

Wagner was one of Dane County's first elected officials to come out as gay, and through his work and numerous accomplishments was instrumental in helping explode the pernicious myths and stereotypes so much of the public had ignorantly come to believe.

Dave Zweifel: GOP budget stabs UW in the back

Joint Finance Committee Republicans froze university tuition for another two years, but declined to make up for the shortfall with increased state funds. Instead, they cut roughly in half the UW aid Evers recommended.

Dave Zweifel: On health care, Donald Trump just doesn’t get it

Last year in one of his many unsuccessful broadsides against Obamacare, Trump suggested that the English were marching in the streets against their health system. No, they weren't — they were marching in favor of their socialized medicine system, urging the government to increase its funding.

Dave Zweifel: What are Joint Finance Republicans thinking?

For some reason — stubbornness, rigid ideology, special interest influence — the corps of the Republican Party would rather put the burden on Wisconsin taxpayers, denials notwithstanding.

David Blaska: Yet another Dane County lower court ruling, overturned

Who are the partisans on the court? We nominate Justices Rebecca Dallet, Ann Walsh Bradley and Shirley Abrahamson.

Dee J. Hall: Bill would block scrutiny of lottery winners

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. When University of Wisconsin-Madison student journalist...

George Mitchell: Abrahamson has a secret

We learned Friday that Abrahamson has watched quietly throughout her decades-long tenure as Wisconsin legislators acted, time and again in her opinion, outside the limits of the state’s constitution.

Gregory Humphrey: Pacing of Wisconsin Legislature is concerning

While over time stricter laws have passed, there is one measure that seems unable to muster its way to a touchdown. Wisconsin remains the only state that does not penalize a first-time drunken-driving offense as a criminal charge.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin Rapids correct to push for strong anti-bullying measure

If the proposed ordinance to impose fines on parents of young bullies passes it will send two messages. First it will say as a society the victims of bullies have a strong ally. Secondly, it makes clear that everyone involved with a bullying experience, even the parents of the perpetrator, has to bear some of the responsibility.

Greta Neubauer: Why we’re fighting so hard on the Medicaid expansion

The Medicaid expansion is the best way to increase access to quality, affordable health care across our state.

Howard Marklein: Budget invests in people of Wisconsin

The Legislature completed work on the state budget, and I am proud to say it invests in the people of Wisconsin while protecting taxpayers.

Ian Smith & Buzz Davis: VA healthcare hit with one-two punch! Veterans and unions...

First vets were hit with the massive privatization program called Choice passed by the Republican Congress in 2014 and signed by Pres. Obama. But 70 House Democrats thought the Choice program was not the way to improve VA veteran healthcare. They voted NO. The second punch was President Trump’s hitting unionized VA workers with a “bad faith” proposed bargaining contract to replace the present contract covering 260,000 VA workers.

Ike Brannon: A new approach for economic development in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin community with the most compelling economic narrative is not Madison or Greater Milwaukee Area, but Fort Atkinson.

James Rowen: Evers begins to wash away Walker’s 8-year environmental stain

The governor can mesh the work of the DNR, WisDOT, public health, DATCP and the AG's office to make science and the public interest core drivers to ensure both progress and preservation--necessities that were ignored or sold off for nearly a decade.

James Wigderson: Is the gas tax increase dead?

The failure to increase the gas tax is perhaps a sign of Evers' lack of any rapport with the Republicans in the legislature.

James Wigderson: JFC budget motion could kill wedding barn industry

When the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee wraps up their budget work this week, they are likely to consider a “999 motion” that will contain a plethora of last-minute provisions for special interests to be snuck into the budget. One of those provisions could be a sop to the Wisconsin Tavern League who are out to destroy what they see as competition from Agricultural Event Venues, commonly referred to as “wedding barns.”

James Wigderson: No mileage taxation without full representation

Nearly hidden in the transportation budget passed by the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee is a provision that would allow the committee to implement a mileage-based fee on drivers by 2023. The decisions to create the fee, how it would implemented, and the amount of the fee would all be in the hands of the 16-member JFC instead of the full legislature and the governor.

Jennifer Shilling: Pay more for less, the Republican way

Let’s not settle for the broken Republican status quo. Let’s invest in our state and restore Wisconsin’s reputation as a place where the next generation wants to live, work and raise a family.

Jessica Holmberg: Reciprocity bill could help with teacher shortage

Wisconsin’s legislature is considering a bill that would broaden teacher reciprocity and help alleviate the major problem of teacher shortages in the state. It would allow Wisconsin to more easily recognize teaching credentials issued by another state.

Jessie Opoien: Fixing Congress might be pipe dream, but better scheduling would at least...

Under U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan's suggested calendar, the House would be in session for two consecutive five-day weeks, followed by two consecutive weeks at home. That would provide more time on the floor, more time in Washington and more uninterrupted time at home.

Jessie Opoien: Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage ended five years ago, but the magic...

On June 6, 2014, Declaring it a matter of “liberty and equality,” U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb struck down Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban, which voters had approved as a constitutional amendment in 2006, making Wisconsin the 21st state to allow same-sex marriage.

John Imes: Circularity19 explored ways to accelerate more sustainable commerce

From June 18-20, I attended #Circularity19 by GreenBiz Group, the first major Circular Economy event in North America that brought together over 850 thought leaders from leading companies, government and NGOs on ways to accelerate more sustainable commerce.

John Nichols: A lawless court OKs legislative lawbreaking

The four justices who sided with the Legislature in the lawsuit over last year's extraordinary session did not act as “originalists” or “constitutional conservatives.” Rather, they rejected the original intent of the drafters of the state Constitution in order to permit legislative lawbreaking.

John Nichols: Justice Shirley Abrahamson set the record straight

I came of age in a family that revered former Chief Justice Edward George Ryan, so I was a bit surprised when former Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, who was also revered in my family, raised an eyebrow as we considered the bust of her predecessor on a summer afternoon many years ago. Abrahamson recalled when Lavinia Goodell, the first woman admitted to practice law in Wisconsin, applied in 1876 for permission to argue cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Ryan rejected her — and all women. He argued that allowing women to practice law would be a “departure from the order of nature.”

John Torinus: Save the yellow perch

Perch count way down in Lake Michigan. Strong leadership needed to protect state waters.

Jon Erpenbach: The facts behind the Republican budget: A story of missed opportunities

Th Republican budget is a missed opportunity to invest in classrooms, increase access to health care, ensure Wisconsinites have access to clean drinking water, and restore tax fairness.

Jon Peacock: Lame duck mistake reopens tax debate

Republicans’ mistake gives Evers some say over how to apportion tax cuts from online sales tax revenue.

Kelly Ruh: If the “bad” economic news is that American workers have it too...

When the worst economic news out there is that workers are becoming more valuable as companies compete for their services, you know we’re in a darn good place.

Kelly Ruh: Johnson is right, Mexican border deal is a brilliant victory for Trump

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is right: the deal the Trump administration inked with Mexico is a brilliant win, made possible only by the President’s promise to take real action.

Lena Taylor: The time is always right to discuss reparations

If the rest of the world can look at reparations for slavery, through the lens of collaborative efforts such as the Global Reparations Summit, surely in the U.S. we can agree on the formation of a committee to study the issue.

Matt Kittle: Sen. Kathy Bernier says Wisconsin has a ‘vulnerability’ in its voter registration...

Bernier talks about elections, voter fraud, and why people who need people may be the luckiest people in the world on this edition of MacIver Newsmakers.

Matthew Rothschild: Wisconsin Supreme Court’s bogus stay on lame duck

On Tuesday, the rightwing justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court demonstrated once again that they have no compunction whatsoever about discarding established law if that’s what’s necessary to rule in favor of their Republican buddies in the legislature.

Mike Rohrkaste: What $231M more for caregivers means for your loved ones

On an 11-4 party-line vote by the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, state Republicans have pumped $231.6 million in new funding into direct caregiver wages, responding to that need. It’s a step in the right direction toward addressing both the workforce issue in nursing homes as well as helping to stop the closures we’re being faced with.

Ola Lisowski: Top 10 ways to improve the Joint Finance budget

Last week, the Joint Finance Committee completed its work on the 2019-21 biennial budget, originally proposed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in February. The following 10 ideas would improve the JFC budget.

Owen Robinson: A failure of GOP leadership in Legislature

The budget passed by the Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee spends too much, borrows too much, raises too many taxes and fees, and fails to deliver on the promises made by Republican politicians in the last election.

Owen Robinson: Evers endorses new era of moral depravity

On Friday afternoon, as people all over Wisconsin were getting ready to enjoy the first official weekend of summer, Gov. Tony Evers vetoed four bills relating to abortion.

Owen Robinson: It’s the spending, stupid

Wisconsin has long been a tax hell where it is more expensive to live, work, and play than in most other states. Gov. Scott Walker and the legislative Republicans made some progress over the last eight years in making the state more affordable, but now many of those same legislative Republicans are allowing the state to slide back.

Patrick Testin and Barbara Dittrich: Evers decides that some are more equal than others

Earlier this year, we authored a bill that sought to end the practice of discriminatory abortion. The Shield the Vulnerable Act would have protected children targeted on the basis of gender, race, or disability. The bill passed the Assembly and Senate, and needed only the governor’s signature to become law.

Paul Fanlund: Just what sort of courage should we admire?

You know who I admire? People who take risks to serve others, not just for kicks.

Paul Fanlund: So, if you could, would you scrap our Constitution?

If left up to you, would you discard the U.S. Constitution and start over? That question underpins the hit Broadway play “What the Constitution Means to Me.”

Paul Fanlund: State GOP’s first rule? Never work with Tony Evers

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has gone out of his way to avoid collaborating with Gov. Tony Evers even when his positions align with the governor's.

Ruth Conniff: The GOP’s education deception

Republican lawmakers are spinning their evisceration of Gov. Evers’ budget, talking about their “historic investment” in schools. They’re deliberately obscuring the facts.

Scott Walker: Wisconsin Dems push for higher taxes while they can’t pay their own

former Gov. Scott Walker talks national and Wisconsin politics in his “You Can't Recall Courage” podcast.

Sean Duffy and Kathleen M. Schmainda: Stop funding research using fetal tissue from abortions

Besides the ethical problems with selling body parts from aborted children, research using those body parts has never led to a single successful clinical treatment despite decades of trying.

Spencer Black: 6 suggestions to strengthen our democracy

America is no longer a democracy based on the principle that the majority of the people decide who will run the government. Our country is now ruled by politicians whom the majority voted against — essentially, a dictatorship of the minority.

Steven Walters: No manual for lieutenant governor job

There’s no manual on how to be a lieutenant governor and no specific responsibilities, other than being ready to become governor in the event of a resignation or death. But there’s a few unwritten political rules in the relationships between governor and lieutenant governor.

Steven Walters: Will first climate change report renew debate?

Eight years ago, more than 200 scientists, researchers, educators and environmentalists warned that climate change could affect Wisconsin in major ways.

Thomas Nelson: It’s time for the U.S. to adopt a national industrial strategy

It has been 40 years since we last seriously considered a strategy to grow and support the manufacturing industry and its jobs.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ consider the rising role of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson

On this week's episode of WisOpinion.com's "The Insiders," Chvala and Jensen consider the rising role of GOP U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate Republicans’ decision to turn down federal Medicaid expansion

As GOP legislators ready their budget for a floor vote, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, debate the decision to turn down federal Medicaid expansion. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ evaluate funding for schools, special education in the JFC’s budget

With GOP legislators poised to pass their version of the biennial budget, WisOpinion Insiders Chvala and Jensen evaluate funding for schools and special education. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ review the JFC Republicans’ UW System budget plan

As the GOP-controlled Joint Finance Committee works through the budget, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, offer mixed reviews on the committee's budget plan for the UW System. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.
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