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Aaron Rodriguez: Deck the trees with boughs of science

Rebranding it “a holiday tree” isn’t an act of inclusivity, it doesn’t avoid offending people, and it’s not in line with the values of the vast majority of Wisconsinites.

Ben Wikler: Early organizing key to restoring democracy in 2020

This time around, we’re not going to simply assume that anyone’s going to turn out for Democrats. We’re going to show up, listen, organize, and make the case for every vote.

Bill Kaplan: Sen. Johnson is a bomb thrower

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by WisOpinion.com. Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson is...

Bill Kaplan: Senator Baldwin fights for retirees

One issue that Baldwin has singularly led on is economic security for retirees. No surprise for someone raised by her grandparents.

Bill Lueders: ‘Shhh! It’s a Secret’

Lawmakers’ refusal to release records invites costly legal challenges.

Bill Lueders: Evers should get religion on open records

Recent statements and foot dragging by governor’s staff raise questions about transparency.

Bruce Murphy: Campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime?

Changes in state law open door to abuses, campaigning by government workers.

Bruce Murphy: How Hispanics have saved Milwaukee

Acid attack against man for “invasion” of Hispanics couldn’t be more wrong about their impact.

Bruce Murphy: Summerfest blows off meeting with Milwaukee officials

No festival official attends scheduled meeting. Partnership with city “broken”, Ald. Murphy says.

Bruce Thompson: The charter school dilemma

They perform better and are supported by most black voters — but opposed by most white Democrats.

Caleb Frostman: DWD works to widen, strengthen Wisconsin’s employment net

We are appreciative of employers recognizing the value of casting a wider net in their workforce recruitment efforts, and DWD will continue its work to widen and strengthen that net for all Wisconsin workers and employers.

Charlie Mitchell: State needs to restrict billboards

They degrade Wisconsin scenery and are unnecessary in digital world.

CJ Szafir and Libby Sobic: Tony Evers dims the lights on open government

Gov. Tony Evers is dimming the lights on open government just 10 months in as governor.

Dale Kooyenga: Senate passes amendment to kill the ‘zombie veto’

There is nothing dramatic about limiting the powers of the executive branch—in fact, that’s a necessary function of checks and balances.

Dave Cieslewicz: Mayors (should) rule

Senators write wonky plans. Mayors get stuff done. That’s why citizens should consider voting for people who have served as mayors for president.

Dave Cieslewicz: Pay the players (redux)

While it’s great that UW athletes might be able to appear in the same kinds of commercials that Alvarez does, this is likely only to benefit the star players. The next vital step is to allow the 98 percent of players who will never make it to the pros to get their fair share of those billion dollars in big time college sports revenues. Players should be paid a substantial salary and allowed to form a union.

Dave Cieslewicz: Thank you, Scott Fitzgerald

Republicans in the state Senate have so completely rigged the system through gerrymandering and voter suppression that they believe they don’t have to act even on popular proposals or bother to tell the public why. It could be their downfall.

Dave Zweifel: A tale of two eras of Wisconsin government

"A Toast to Tony Earl" recaptured his long public service, but what was so striking about the event, emceed by former ambassador to Norway Tom Loftus, was its congeniality — Democrats and Republicans, friends and even some old political adversaries gathering together to remember old times when you could disagree but not become an enemy.

Dave Zweifel: Satya Rhodes-Conway’s 2020 budget positions Madison for the future

Overall, though, the mayor's first budget is a good one. It's not looking back, but will position Madison for its future.

Dave Zweifel: Take a good look at the hypocrites in the state Capitol

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's explanation about why the Senate didn't take up a package of bills to attack the homelessness problem in the state was enough to make a normal person sick.

Dave Zweifel: There’s nothing sinister about socialism

Their bottom line is economic equality. It's what they stood for in Milwaukee's heyday, and it's what they stand for today.

Dave Zweifel: Where have all the ‘fiscally responsible’ Republicans gone?

As of this week, the annual budget deficit has hit $984 billion, about $330 billion more than the Congressional Budget Office had predicted before the Donald Trump-Congressional Republican tax cuts were voted into law.

Dave Zweifel: Who will answer for our climate inaction?

As more Americans experience the effects of climate change, this could well be Trump's Achilles heel — and perhaps even Robin Vos will need to answer to his constituents for his pathetic indifference.

Dave Zweifel: Wisconsin Republicans show their misplaced priorities

Is it just me, or did things even weirder in the state Capitol these last few days than is usually the case?

David Balaska: Y’ mean, T-t-t-trump might still win?

2018 Dem congressional sweep may have been ephemeral.

David Crowley: The people of Wisconsin deserve a voice in our democracy

Twenty-four states have a mechanism that allows their respective citizens to have a direct impact on the laws that govern them. I want to make Wisconsin the 25th.

Dominique Paul Noth: Bloomberg and Democratic anxiety

Nothing indicates the panic in the donor class more than Michael Bloomberg’s head fake and baby steps on entering the presidential sweepstakes out of fear that sensible centrist talk may not stand up against the extreme wealth tax ideas simultaneously circling the Democratic field.

Dominique Paul Noth: Envy is driving Wisconsin Democrats

The longing to be Virginia – the state, that is -- is particularly strong in Wisconsin, which on paper has a similar state political setup but little chance of duplicating that Nov. 5 election outcome.

Dominique Paul Noth: When tying the economy to the president is just plain silly

When statistics sound rosy, every president claims economic success because of his or her actions -- just as they blame forces beyond their control if the job numbers fall.

Don Vruwink: Poverty for senior citizens rising

Costs of housing and health care driving up elderly poverty. Are there solutions?

Eric Bott: Wisconsin needs licensing laws that work

We at AFP do not believe all credentialing and training are unnecessary, but we do believe that these requirements have to make sense and be effective.

Eric O’Keefe: Wisconsin should act to save the country

The Wisconsin legislature should apply for a Convention of States so that we, the people, can reassert control over the federal government of the United States. Fifteen states have already taken this step, and it is time for Wisconsin to join.

Gordon Speirs: What a wet year of farming costs

We have six weeks to complete eight weeks of work before freeze-up.

Gregory Humphrey: Richard Stengel visits Madison, desires better news consumers

The topics explored by "Information Wars" author Richard Stengel were timely and much in need at a time when forces of illiberal democracy are constantly at work in the nation, and around the globe. The best way to fight back, as Stengel noted, is to be informed and armed with facts.

Howard Marklein: Incentivizing investment in broadband infrastructure

The legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, on which I serve, recently approved my bill to incentivize private investment in rural broadband infrastructure. The bill is moving to consideration by both houses.

James Rowen: Jimmy Carter puts Trump, his WI acolytes to shame

The contrasts between Republican and Democratic behavior at the state and national levels are painfully obvious.

James Wigderson: Gerrymander? No problem in Virginia

There is one interpretation of Tuesday's results that should be bipartisan: Gerrymandering is just an excuse for losers.

Jay Miller: The perils of state-run retirement plans

State government needn’t have a hand in the retirement-savings fix; private-sector options already proliferate.

Jessie Opoien: It should be obvious that we need more coverage of local government,...

It would be funny that anyone on the Lafayette County Board thought they could prevent local elected officials and journalists from doing their jobs, if it weren’t so terribly disheartening.

Jim Paine: Prevailing wage protects taxpayers and workers

Prevailing wage has long been a tool for municipalities like Superior to ensure citizens get high-quality work on taxpayer funded projects and that the people building public infrastructure get paid fair, living wages consistent with the area standard.

John Nichols: Wisconsin was right to oppose World War One

Wisconsinites led the opposition to World War I, with U.S. Sen. Robert M. La Follette risking his career to challenge President Woodrow Wilson’s absurd arguments for sending the sons of Wisconsin farmers and factory workers into a conflict of kings and kaisers. He decried the propagandistic press that sought to "inflame the mind of our people into the frenzy of war."

John Torinus: Cross exit opens door for UW transformation

It’s time for a fresh look. The UW Regents need to look outside for the next president.

Keith Moerer: Why I’m focused on Wisconsin in 2020

Flipping Wisconsin is not only important, but achievable, meaning that anyone who participates can play a meaningful role.

M.D. Kittle: Evers gun show flops

Evers had ordered the Legislature to convene a special session on gun-restriction bills. Late Thursday, Republicans gaveled in and gaveled out without taking up any of the Dem measures.

Mary Buestrin: Evers seeks to force kids to attend failing schools

Tens of thousands of parents take advantage of Wisconsin’s school choice program in order to provide a better education for their children. If Gov. Tony Evers has his way, though, that choice will be taken away from them.

Matt Kittle: Evers’ science-related Holiday Tree

In another move to remove all evidence of former Gov. Scott Walker’s tenure in office, Evers has gone back to calling the decorated tree in the Capitol rotunda the Holiday Tree.

Matt Kittle: Inglorious bastards

Do you remember when Tony Evers vowed to put Wisconsin back on the path of political civility? Any pretense of that pledge died this week when the kinder, gentler liberal told state workers that Republicans are “amoral and stupid” for rejecting Evers’ choice as ag secretary.

Matt Kittle: Shooting down the 80% lie

Gov. Tony Evers and his liberal allies have repeatedly pointed to a Marquette University Law School Poll that showed 80 percent of Wisconsin voters support more gun-restriction laws. Evers and the pollsters apparently haven’t been to the 24th Senate District.

Matt Kittle: What is Evers hiding?

Mainstream media outlets are learning what conservative news organizations have known for some time: The Evers Administration is brazenly breaking Wisconsin’s open record laws.

Melissa Sargent: We can overcome our differences and do the right thing with gun...

In my conversations with people across all upbringings and of all political stripes, I have heard from the voices of our state that people want meaningful reforms that prevent these tragedies, while upholding the Second Amendment and the rights of responsible gun owners.

Owen Robinson: Time to let college athletes be compensated

Everybody is making money — big money — in college athletics except the athletes playing the games. That needs to change.

Patrick Baird: Drug test the real welfare queens

As a libertarian, I favor the eventual elimination of publicly funded welfare. But the handful of people that drug testing would ensnare and remove from the rolls is a microscopic drop in the bucket compared to the trillions of dollars of corporate welfare doled out by both the Democrats and Republicans every year – at every level of government.

Patrick Testin: By stalling USMCA, Democrats stand in way of new jobs, prosperity for...

It’s time for Democrats in Congress to join their Republican colleagues and demand that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stop stifling our economies in the Midwest and finally approve President Trump’s new trade deal with our North American neighbors.

Paul Fanlund: Presidential politics seems to have only two themes

The first is how Donald Trump is increasingly seen as despicable and immoral by much of the nation. The other theme concerns Democrats and a seemingly existential conflict between the far left and the center left.

Paul Fanlund: Satya Rhodes-Conway is the mayor she said she’d be

Back in April, the morning after she was elected, Rhodes-Conway told me she would try to be mayor for everyone, not just her younger progressive base. Half a year later in, with her first budget behind her, she appears to be doing just that.

Paul Fanlund: The Cap Times and trust in local news

A new national report shows local institutions like the Cap Times are considerably more trusted than embattled national media outlets, but that support appears somewhat fragile.

Rebecca Blank: Support for Dreamers as Supreme Court arguments begin

Today, the Supreme Court begins its oral arguments about the status of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. I want to restate my strong opposition to the decision to end this program and continued support for Dreamers, here and across the nation.

Ryan Owens: Thompson Center Badgercast with UW Law School Dean Margaret Raymond

Thompson Center Director Ryan Owens interviews Dean Margaret Raymond, who has served as the Fred W. and Vi Miller Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law School since July 2011.

Steven Walters: What led to the historic firing of governor’s ag secretary

In a historic rebuke, all 19 Senate Republicans refused to confirm Brad Pfaff, who had just started his 11th month as secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Tom Kamenick: Protect your right to open government

Too many people are unaware of their rights under the records and meetings laws. That enables government officials to put unnecessary roadblocks in their way.

Will Flanders: Charter schools bright spot in disturbing schools report

To improve test scores, Wisconsin doesn’t need more money. It needs innovation and proven solutions.

Will Flanders: School report cards: Where all of the schools are above average

Wisconsin is a state, according to the latest report cards, where (almost) everyone is above average. Despite proficiency rates in that hover around 40% in both math and reading, 87% of schools in the state meet or exceed expectations.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate Senate Republicans’ rejection of Evers’ ag secretary

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, debate the politics behind the GOP Senate's historic rebuke of Gov. Tony Evers' ag secretary. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the GOP’s dismissal of Evers’ special session on gun violence

With the GOP-controlled Legislature ignoring Gov. Tony Evers' special session call for gun control laws, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider the political...

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss plans for Wisconsin’s budget surplus

With Wisconsin realizing a budget surplus, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider Gov. Tony Evers' plan to bolster the rainy day fund versus legislative calls tor a tax cut. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.
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