The Assembly and Senate are each taking up a measure aiming to bolster crime victims’ rights during the chambers’ sessions today, the Legislature’s only floor period of the month.

In addition to the proposed constitutional amendment, Marsy’s Law, the Assembly is also poised to take up four abortion-related bills.

Those would: ban abortions on the basis of a fetus’ race, gender and other qualifiers; require physicians to tell women considering taking an abortion-inducing drug the process could be reversed; outline care requirements for children born alive following an abortion or attempted abortion; and bar Planned Parenthood from getting money under the Medical Assistance program.

There are two bills on the topic of Planned Parenthood funding through the MA program, though just one is on today’s calendar, AB 183. That bill is from Sen. Duey Stroebel and Rep. Barbara Dittrich, while the other, AB 181, is from Sen. Andre Jacque and Rep. Janel Brandtjen.

In the Senate, members are planning to vote on the confirmation of Meagan Wolfe as Elections Commission administrator.

They’ll also take up legislation to allow the DNR to certify third-party brokers to buy and sell water pollution credits.

Both chambers are scheduled to convene at 11 a.m.

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