U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, challenged Dem activists Saturday to undertake a fight that will be remembered decades from now.

Baldwin noted the 100th anniversary is in two weeks for Wisconsin becoming the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion is next week. And later this month is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that helped sparked the LGBTQ rights movement.

“But our work is not done,” Baldwin said. “We must never mistake progress for victory.”

Baldwin asked activists how they want to be remembered, saying it could be for confronting climate change, making health care a right, doing “right by our veterans,” or addressing racial disparities.

“Or as simple as we stood up for the rule of law?” Baldwin said. “Only you can answer that question.”

She reminded the crowd that the road to the White House goes through Wisconsin and urged them to stand up to Republicans trying to overturn the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion and ignoring “the science and reality of climate change.”

“The stakes are too high for Wisconsin families and there’s too much on the line for us to simply sit back,” Baldwin said.

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