I’m speechless.

You might think that after years of retweeting neo-neo-Nazis and publicly defending white nationalism, Rep. Steve King would be out of ways to make my jaw drop.

And yet: headline: Steve King says without rape and incest, there wouldn't

We’ve got to get this clown out of Congress. And fortunately, we’ve got a great alternative running against him: JD Scholten.

JD has the kind of values the people of Iowa’s 4th district can be proud of. He’s running on Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, and fixing an economy that’s rigged by Steve King and his corporate bosses.

JD came within 2,500 votes of beating Steve King in 2018, and with our help, he’s going to go all the way in 2020.

Chip in to throw Steve King out of Congress in 2020!


Randy Bryce

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