Gov. Tony Evers today rescinded 82 appointments his predecessor made after they were overturned by a Dane County judge who found GOP actions in the December extraordinary session were unconstitutional.

The state Senate confirmed the appointments during the December lame-duck session, but yesterday’s ruling overturned them. Citing that decision, Evers signed a letter today identifying the appointments he’s withdrawing, including Ellen Nowak at the Public Service Commission and UW System Regents Scott Beightol and Torrey Tiedeman.

A spokeswoman for Evers said the seats are now considered vacant and the guv will move quickly to fill them.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, slammed the move, noting the 3rd District Court of Appeals set a Monday deadline for parties to respond to the GOP request for an emergency stay. He said the move showed a “disrespect for the law and for the courts.”

“We absolutely believe that these nominees were nominated and confirmed legally and will continue to serve in those positions once the constitutionality of the extraordinary session is upheld,” Fitzgerald said.

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