FRI News Summary: Evers says he’ll continue push for more UW funding

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Evers says he’ll push for more UW funding before budget reaches his desk
The Legislature’s Budget Committee [on 12-4 party line] Rejected Evers’ Proposed Spending Bump This Week … ” I’m hopeful to convince others as we move forward and before the final bill is actually voted on and sent to me that they’ll put some more money in for the University of Wisconsin System,” Evers said. “It’s a driver of industry in the state, and if we want a good system, we have to have a good resource base for them.” Evers also pushed for more special ed funds, “I’m happy it wasn’t zero. But to be honest with you, I think it’s not enough. … I know the people of Wisconsin feel strongly about this or I wouldn’t be sitting in the governor’s office right now.” By Johnson, WPR

Wisconsin hemp bill draws opposition from law enforcement
… “Hemp is Wisconsin’s comeback crop,” the bill’s lead sponsor, Sen. Patrick Testin, R-Stevens Point, said at a news conference prior to the hearing. … align Wisconsin’s program with the 2018 federal farm bill’s regulations for growing and processing hemp. It would allow [DATCP] to maintain control of the state program. … [but] Wisconsin is one of 12 states with a zero-tolerance THC law … proposal would remove THC from the list of restricted controlled substances as applicable to the operation of a motor vehicle, placing Wisconsin law in line with most states. … would exclude the trace amounts of THC contained in hemp from the list of controlled substances. Wisconsin sheriffs, chiefs of police and district attorneys opposed, said it would prevent them from charging certain OWIs. Testin expected provision to be removed, brought up separately. Bill has diverse bipartisan support, with Dems Lena Taylor and David Considine co-sponsoring. By Bauer of AP, WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL

WI high court hopefuls to speak at Democratic convention
… Jill Karofsky and Ed Fallone are scheduled to deliver speeches Saturday afternoon at the convention [at Potawatomi] in Milwaukee … Judicial candidates are officially nonpartisan, but Republicans and Democrats typically rally behind Supreme Court candidates … appearances at overtly partisan events such as party conventions can create questions about their impartiality on the bench. … [rehash Hagedorn at RPW convention] … Sachin Chheda, a political consultant working with Karofsky’s campaign, pointed out that liberal-backed Supreme Court candidates Rebecca Dallet and Tim Burns appeared at the 2017 Democratic convention. … “A judge who’s partisan to the left is just as bad as a judge that’s partisan to the right,” Chheda said. “The question to ask is, what did the candidate say, more than the audience to which they say it.” … [MU Law prof. Fallone] plans to talk about how the state Supreme Court should not be a political prize and how judges should behave independently. “I don’t think those are partisan points,” he said. … Wisconsin’s judicial code prohibits judges from doing anything that casts doubt on their impartiality and that standard extends to judicial candidates, [UI Law prof.] LeRoy said. … “Impartiality used to matter. Now a partisan viewpoint is a selection criterion.” By Richmond of AP, WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL


– [23:05] Podcast: ‘End of Story’ – Sen. Ron Johnson On Mueller’s Last Words On Russian Collusion Probe … “I was hoping (Mueller) would provide some clarity and closure, which he did not. … What is foundational about our system of justice is you are innocent until proven guilty,” Johnson said. “This (process) has been completely backwards and unfortunately it hasn’t resulted in any closure.”

– The Details in Michael Wolff’s Latest White House Tell-All That Are Very Easy to Believe … West Wing casualties Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus reportedly encouraged their old boss to watch as much Fox News as possible under the assumption that constant praise would pacify their unruly boss.

– Pocan renews calls for impeachment … after Special counsel Robert Mueller said Wednesday his office could neither clear nor accuse President Trump of obstructing justice.

– PolitiFact: Pocan says Trump tweet “directly contradicted” Mueller comments … Mueller did use the term “insufficient evidence,” but that was in a generic reference to proof of a broad [Russian] conspiracy … Trump’s tweet treats that statement as a commentary on his own guilt or innocence. … Mueller was careful to note, “if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” … Mostly True

– In Onalaska, Sen. Ron Johnson champions secure border, immigration reform … Johnson, who visited the Onalaska American Legion for a closed-door, hour-long forum with local law enforcement, said he hears a common refrain whenever he meets with police and sheriff’s departments. “… every time it’s problems from our unsecure border and all the drugs flowing through,” said Johnson … touted Operation Safe Return … Hopefully, we can begin that pilot program, start sending people home in a very safe way, those that don’t have a valid asylum claim, and deter further illegal immigration.” … [LC Sheriff Wolf] echoed the senator’s comments, saying the benefits of a secure border would ripple all the way up to the Coulee Region. … as it relates to drug trafficking especially … “When I talked to farmers during farm breakfasts, they said: ‘We need to fix our immigration system. We won’t be able to milk our cows without immigrant labor, so fix this,'” Johnson said. “I really believe we’re getting close to bipartisan support to solve the current crisis at the border. But right along with that, we need to have a legal immigration system that makes a lot more sense.” … would support the right of the president and Senate to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court, even in an election year. Johnson also addressed tariff effect on farmers, China trade talks, Mueller statement, “Special Counsel Mueller yesterday did anything but bring closure to it. I think that’s very unfortunate.”

– Sen. Johnson staff [June 7] to hold town of Seymour office hours

– Local Call 4 Action case lands on Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s desk … Edith Shorougian and her husband, Arthur, of Mukwonago, lost more than $80,000 to a financial advisor who they used to consider a friend. … couple’s son-in-law, Gerry Studer, discovered the fraud when balancing their checkbooks. … wrote a letter to Senator Baldwin, saying the laws on the books protecting elders from financial fraud needed to be stronger. … Senator Baldwin is currently drafting legislation to strengthen the laws on the books, protecting elders from financial fraud. … “Full restitution is very rare in the cases that we see, often times, we can find a way to settle, and hope that that amount of money comes in,” said Aimee McGinty with the Elder Rights Project.

– Chris Abele Declares Racism as a Public Health Crisis

– Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway appoints more top staff

– Residents urge Baraboo city leaders to advance $10M library project

– Wisconsin Farmers ‘Getting Hit Big Time’ As Weather Delays Corn Planting And Decisions About Crop Loom, As Crop Insurance Deadline Nears, Wet Weather Has Delayed Planting By 2 Weeks

– Spring rains delay crop planting across Wisconsin amid dairy crisis

– Hemp Farmers, Businesses Call For Renewal Of State Regulations, 2018 Farm Bill … made changes to definitions of the product that make Wisconsin’s law obsolete. “If we do not pass this legislation, Wisconsin hemp producers will fall by the wayside while all the other states continue to produce,” [Hemp Alliance’s] Konopacki said at a Capitol press conference on Thursday. … [DATCP said] more than 2,000 individuals and businesses have applied for licenses to grow or process hemp this year. Testin’s bipartisan bill will re-authorize hemp growing in Wisconsin and make a number of other technical changes, “Wisconsin is poised once again to be a national leader in hemp. I firmly believe hemp is the next specialty crop from Wisconsin, much like potatoes and cranberries.” Bill comes as USDA issued a new legal opinion about interstate transport of hemp, saying states cannot prosecute individuals who transport legally-produced hemp across state lines. Law enforcement concerned bill removes THC from the definition of “restricted controlled substance” in state OWI laws. Testin said that provision will likely be removed from this legislation and later introduced separately. WFU’s Enright comments.

– Cheese, milk top the menus at area Dairy Month celebrations

– UW Prof. Deller: Trump’s Subsidies Are ‘Band-Aids On Hemorrhaging Wounds’

– How Far Do Protections For Religious Freedom Go? UW Law Prof. Schweber discusses MPD busting Rastafarian church.

COURTS ^top^
– Delta Employees Allege Various Health Problems Due To Lands’ End Uniforms
Federal Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Dodgeville-Based Company … Gwyneth Gilbert and Monica DeCrescentis filed the class action lawsuit May 22 in New York alleging the “Passport Plum” uniforms … causing multiple health problems, including rashes, respiratory issues and low white blood cell counts … also stain employees’ skin, sheets and towels and other possessions. Approximately 24,000 Delta flight attendants and 40,000 gate attendants are required to wear the uniforms. … seeking at least $5 million dollars from Lands’ End for negligence. Delta is not named in suit, plaintiff atty. Nagel said a case against Delta would be handled through Worker’s Comp. … The official launch of the new uniforms was May 29, 2018. … In December 2018, about 40 American Airlines employees sued the company and uniform manufacturer Twin Hill, alleging multiple health problems … similar to what is being alleged by the Delta employees. At the time, American Airlines said employees would begin wearing uniforms by Lands’ End. On Thursday, a spokesperson for American Airlines said the company is confident in [new Land’s End] uniforms that are in current development. MU prof. Miller said Lands’ End brand could take a hit, like Boeing. Lands’ End declined comment. Delta could not be reached.

– Attorney remembered for his knowledge, mentoring others … Chippewa County Judge Steve Gibbs [said McKinley] “was the consummate gentleman who zealously represented his clients in court. He cared deeply for Chippewa Falls and the community, and he always helped out the young lawyers. He was always there to lend advice when asked. He was always cordial to work with.” … “Robert McKinley advocated as an exemplary gentleman attorney,” said Eau Claire County Judge Jon Theisen. “He always approached with a subtle smile, a hearty handshake, and words worth hearing. Bob’s work helped justice prevail. Bob’s life made me a better person.” Retired Judge Sazama, Chippewa Sheriff Kowalczyk, ex-DA Scobie comment at funeral.

– Bauer passes presiding baton to Pfitzinger at Dodge County Courthouse

– Wisconsin Lags In Attracting Educated Workers, Study Finds, WPF Research Looks At Movement Of ‘Highly Educated’ Between States … analyzed federal data from 2017 that found over 20 percent of native Wisconsinites ages 31 to 40 who moved away were classified as “highly educated” … eighth highest in the country and second only to Iowa in the Midwest. Meanwhile, Illinois and Minnesota saw net gains of highly educated workers in the same age group.

– Amid progress, city and developer renew spat over Judge Doyle Square

– Replacing Detention with Meditation in Schools

– Turner to increase teachers’ salaries: 2.44%

– Beloit celebrates retiring teachers

– Sanders asks supporters to join protest against Scott Walker in Burlington … who is slated to appear at a GOP fundraiser in Burlington alongside Vermont Gov. Phil Scott. Sanders 2020 email: “Scott Walker’s brand of divide-and-conquer politics has no place in Burlington — the city that sparked our political revolution by electing Bernie Sanders as mayor in 1981. Can you join us in Burlington tomorrow to protest Scott Walker’s event?”

– Walker fires back after Sanders urges supporters to protest his appearance … “.@BernieSanders Under Democrat control of the state, WI had a waiting list for healthcare coverage under Medicaid. I eliminated the waiting list and everyone living in poverty is now covered. WI is a Top 10 state for healthcare coverage,” Walker tweeted. “Venezuela is a real time [example] of the failure of socialism. They promise prosperity but too often deliver poverty. It puts power in the hands of the few instead of the many,” he added.

– Unions picket Vt. GOP fundraiser featuring Scott Walker … About 100 union members marched down Battery Street toward the Hilton hotel where the fundraiser is being held. Others lined the street holding signs. Gov. Phil Scott planned to attend the event and has said that while he does not share Walker’s political ideology, they have a collegial relationship. … “Well, maybe he has a lesson learned in some respects. He lost his last election. He was a two-term governor of Wisconsin. And maybe he’ll have some thoughts about what he went through and what maybe he could have done differently,” said Scott, R-Vermont. “I think Vermonters know me. You know, I’m pro-choice, always have been. As well, we’ve had our share of disagreements with the union but there have been times when… we worked together.”

– John Walters: VTGOP, Gov Welcome Scott Walker as Protesters Jeer … About 160 people attended the dinner at the Burlington Hilton. (Twenty or so of them paid extra for a closed-door reception with the two governors.) Before the event, roughly 500 people held a protest across Battery Street from the hotel. Scott has sought to distance himself politically from Walker, who pursued conservative, anti-union policies as governor. “I didn’t invite the speaker,” Scott said at a Thursday press conference in Waterbury. “But I felt an obligation to make sure that we welcome Governor Walker to our state.

– Paula Schramm: What Vermont Republicans can learn from Scott Walker

– Who Is Paul Nehlen? Laura Ingraham Defends Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin Primary Challenger Deemed Too Extreme for the Alt-right

– FTI Adds Scott Walker’s Data Guru … As director of data science for Scott Walker for America, Sharkey was in charge of voter turn-out, financial and issues models.

ENERGY ^top^
– Birds of a feather: falcon chicks at Valero Jefferson Ethanol

– NASA Using Satellite Technology To Track Potentially Harmful Algae Blooms … Last year, NASA chose to work with NEW Water — the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District — to install a monitor in the lower Bay of Green Bay that can upload data to satellites and give scientists a chance to analyze it quickly.

– C.D. Smith lands Foxconn contract

– Death of Appleton man restrained in Las Vegas jail ruled a homicide … Nicholas Farah of Appleton was put into a restraint chair by four Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers March 31 at the county jail. The coroner’s office said Thursday the cause of death was asphyxia during restraining procedures with other significant conditions listed as methamphetamine intoxication and obesity. … arrested after … repeatedly calling cabs and then refusing service when they arrived. Police are conducting internal criminal and administrative investigations into Farah’s death and the four officers involved are on administrative leave.

– Appleton-born National Criminal Justice Training Center is now a leader in missing-persons cases

– Bruce Murphy: State Ranks 2nd for Black Homicide Victims, [Violence Policy Center] Study finds Wisconsin has nearly double the national rate and 91% killed with guns. … Only Missouri had a higher black homicide rate, which was 46.21 homicides per 100,000, compared to the national average of 20.44 per 100,000. By contrast, the overall national homicide victimization rate was 5.10 per 100,000, meaning that African Americans were nearly four times more likely to die of homicides than all other Americans.

– Police Train to Be ‘Social Workers of Last Resort’

– Walz signs [$20B] education budget bill passed in special session … But the Democratic governor says, “We won’t stop until every child in Minnesota receives a high-quality education, regardless of their race or ZIP code.”

– East River residents seek better city response to flood risks

– [Peshtigo] Citizen’s [PFAS] advisory committee to form

– Bice: Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele riles neighbors with plans to raze historic Shorewood mansion … over the objections of the family that sold him the house late last year for $2.6 million. “This was not shared with us in any way,” said Sarah Hambrook, whose parents, George W. and J. Ann Hambrook, moved out Dec. 31 … “We are hoping there is something we can do to stop it,” Sarah Hambrook continued. “This is a priceless Milwaukee landmark.” … “My fiancé, Jennifer (Gonda), and I love the neighborhood,” said Abele [text] … “That’s why we’re committed to a design that respects and honors it.”

– Abele to Destroy His Eschweiler Mansion, His $2.6 million Shorewood lakefront mansion could soon face the wrecking ball.

RETAIL ^top^
– Shopko: Judge rejects retailer’s bankruptcy plan … “This is by far the most difficult plan confirmation decision I have encountered,” [Judge Saladino] said. “Everybody involved in this case, as far as I’m concerned, went to extraordinary efforts to maximize the value of the assets of the estate.” … refused to approve it, though, because the plan would have barred creditors from pursuing legal claims against Shopko executives, directors and outside consultants. One major creditor, McKesson Corp., made a case to Saladino during the two-day hearing this week that it had a civil claim of fraud against at least four Shopko executives.

TAXES ^top^
– Janesville homeowners to see average 31% increase in assessments

– Red Cliff Cell Service Expansion Part Of Multibillion-Dollar Public Safety Network, Northern Wisconsin Tribe Expands Coverage With FirstNet, AT&T

– Work to begin on high-speed internet access … Packerland Broadband to significantly increase high-speed internet access to rural portions of Marinette County, which is being partially funded by grants from the state and county, will move into high gear this summer,

– Bergstrom makes changes to bring I-41 billboards into compliance with federal law

– Bayfield County residents ready to pay more for highways … Nearly 300 county residents weighed in on a county survey that sought opinions on three different highway reconstruction proposals. They were asked if the county should reconstruct six miles of highway per year at a cost of $1 million in additional taxes through 2020, reconstruct 8.6 miles annually to the tune of $1.65 million or reconstruct highways without adding to the tax burden.

– City of Superior seeks public input on motorized transportation system

– LT editorial: Wisconsin’s Shadow Governor comes through … Increasingly, though, with Mr. Walker gone, Wisconsin Democrats have been forced to wade into real-world issues with actual proposals, which they despise most of all precisely because Democrats are very seldom real-world people but rather a lot of elites and utopians or both. … That shadow governor, who follows Tony Evers like his real shadow, is called the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee. … continued to rein in the every-hungry UW system, slashing Evers’s proposed increases and extending the tuition freeze for another two years. Poor Tony Evers must feel like his shadow reached up and knocked him to the ground and is now walking in his place, dragging him behind. … the people of Wisconsin can sigh a real sigh of relief that the most dangerous Democratic proposals are dead and buried for now. At least until Tony Evers can shadow box with his shadow and find a way to win.

– Paul Fanlund: Unfazed by critics, Jennifer Cheatham sees schools at an ‘inflection point’

– Dave Zweifel: Celebrate 100 years of fighting for voting rights with the League of Women Voters

– Rep. Jim Steineke: A pro-kid budget we all can get behind

– Rep. LaKeshia Myers: Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day: Why Fully Funding Special Education is Necessary

– James Wigderson: Where is that newspaper from?

– Supervisors Heidi Wegleitner, Yogesh Chawla and Richard Kilmer: Press pause on new jail plan, pursue decarceration alternatives

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