State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski called “BS” on Republicans being the party of fiscal responsibility, saying the GOP has made irresponsible decisions in rejecting Gov. Tony Evers’ plans to expand Medicaid and legalize medical marijuana.

And she called President Donald Trump “one of the worst spenders of them all.”

Godlewski said expanding Medicaid as Evers has proposed would increase access to health coverage while saving the state more than $300 million and help generate a $1.6 billion in new health care spending.

Meanwhile, she said legalizing hemp and cannabis goes “beyond dollars and cents,” saying she was on a congressional task force while working at the Pentagon that looked at the epidemic of post traumatic stress disorder. She said the research found allowing vets access to CBD and cannabis helped them address their symptoms. Godlewski also argued medical marijuana can help reduce opioid dependency.

But Republicans are standing in the way.

“Does this sound like the Repulican Party is the party of fiscal responsibility?” she asked as the crowd shouted back, “No!”

Godlewski said the national debt has reached $22 trillion under Trump, an increase of $2 trillion. But he gives tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations and then turns around to argue the growing debt requires cuts to public education and health care before going on Fox News to blame Dems for the problems he created, she said.

“President Trump says he’s fighting for America. That’s nothing more than fake news,” Godlewski said, riffing on one of Trump’s favorite attacks on the media.

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