Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz slammed Speaker Robin Vos for GOP actions during December’s lame-duck session.

Hintz recalled Vos telling reporters less than 24 hours after the election of Dem Gov. Tony Evers that he would “strip power” from the incoming guv and attorney general.

“Imagine being so insecure that your first action in divided government is to undermine & upend the balance of power with the new democratically elected Governor, instead of simply looking for common ground to work together on,” he said

He also criticized GOP legislative leaders for what he labeled as “unfair” maps that “insulated their members from accountability.”

“They don’t have to listen to you,” Hintz said.

But moving forward, he said Evers would ensure non-partisan maps for the 2022 election and urged Wisconsin Dems to stay engaged and involved.

“Remember, it’s not a movement unless your moving, so let’s go,” he said.

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