Liberal candidates who will challenge Judge Daniel Kelly for a seat on the state Supreme Court in 2020 criticized the conservative-controlled court at the state Dem convention.

Jill Karofsky, a Dane County judge and former prosecutor, said the legal system had become “increasingly politicized” by the conservative majority.

“The rule of law has been ignored for partisan political reasons,” she said.

She also slammed “a radical minority” of GOP leggies for proposals she said would place unlawful restrictions on abortion.

“I’m astonished that our fundamental rights as women are still under assault,” she said.

Fellow candidate Ed Fallone, meanwhile, hammered the state’s justice system, which he said is incarcerating people of color at an astonishing rate.

The Marquette Law School professor lamented candidates who campaign as “tough-on-crime,” a stance he said contributes to a “skewed system.”

“We must banish the presumption that a career spent locking people up is the only criteria for Supreme Court,” he said.

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