AG Josh Kaul played up his focus on public safety, saying he was focused on stemming the tide of the opioid epidemic and preventing a future backlog of sexual assault kits.

Kaul highlighted a recent lawsuit he filed in state court against opioid manufacturer Purdue Pharma and its former chairman Richard Sackler for what he called “false and deceptive marketing techniques.”

He also noted the state was involved in several investigations into opioid manufacturers and distributors, an effort he said would prevent the epidemic from spreading again.

The AG also touted the Department of Justice’s reduction of the sexual assault kit backlog, which currently stands at 311 after swelling to nearly 7,000 under former GOP AG Brad Schimel.  

But Kaul said it wasn’t enough to simply prosecute offenders. He touted a bipartisan proposal making its way through the Legislature designed to prevent such a backlog from developing again.

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