MON News Summary: Trump rallies supporters in Green Bay; Republicans look to compromise with Evers on Medicaid expansion

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WI GOP seek compromise with Evers on Medicaid expansion
[Evers won’t bend from full expansion, determined to reverse Walker policy, GOP looking for compromise that doesn’t look like a sell-out] … $324 million in federal funding that could be invested in other programs to tap even more federal dollars and result in a $1.6 billion investment in health care priorities [higher provider reimbursement rates, upping county aid for crisis mental health, expanding women’s health services. About 82K newly eligible would come half from uninsured, half from replacing private insurance.] …. “I honestly think we have to take it,” said Republican Sen. Luther Olsen of the Evers Medicaid expansion proposal. “Whether we do or not, I don’t know. We need to look with an open mind what it does for the state of Wisconsin.” Evers: “It brings in the revenue we need in the state of Wisconsin to a point where we can make a significant difference in people’s lives. It’s something that 70 percent of Wisconsinites support, so that’s where I am at.” Vos remains adamant, “I don’t know why people are talking about that because we’re not doing it. Some GOP, like Olsen, seek an expansion that does not replace private insurance, using AR, UT as models. JFC co-chair Darling: “I’m open to talk about it. I’m not saying we’re going to go there because there’s been such a strong ‘No.’ But I think Utah was a bit of a game changer and that, on top of Arkansas, I think we need to look at it.” Testin seeking health care expansion without the “tough sell” Medicaid expansion. JFC Dem Erpenbach sees GOP brewing a rationale, “If there’s a way for the Republicans to take it under the guise of something else, they’ll do it.” Olsen: “You never say never.” By AP, FOX6NOW

Trump heralds end of ‘collusion delusion’ in return to battleground WI
… trip to … Resch Center in Ashwaubenon … came just hours after a deadly shooting at a California synagogue celebrating the last day of Passover. “Our entire nation mourns the loss life, prays for the wounded and stands in solidarity with the Jewish community,” Trump told the crowd of more than 10,000 … “We’re going to get to the bottom of it. We’re going to get to the bottom of a lot of things happening in our country.” To a booing crowd, the president took aim at … Evers … for [“shockingly”] pledging to veto [GOP bill mandating hospital care for] babies who survive failed abortions. … “The baby’s born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully and then the doctor and the mother determine whether they will execute the baby.” Evers said existing law is adequate protection for a scenario obstetrics experts say “never really happens.” GOP lawmakers nationwide are sending their liberal-leaning governors similar bills that could energize conservative voters. Lt. Gov. Barnes tweeted, “We also cannot accept this. This is the kind of dangerous rhetoric that encourages the violence carried out today.” Trump is leaning on the economy to keep WI red, “The poverty rate for Wisconsin families has reached its lowest rate in 22 years. The unemployment rate for Wisconsin workers has reached historic — it’s never been this low ever, ever. Think about that,” defended his trade war, cited India’s 100% tariff on Harleys, “we charge them nothing. So, I called up Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi I said, ‘Unfair.’ He cut it 50%, but I said, ‘That’s not good enough because look, 50% to nothing.’ And what we’re doing is changing all of that stuff.” Harley comments came eight months after Trump urged Harley boycott over their shifting production overseas. Trump dubbed Mueller report the “greatest political hoax in American history.” State GOP met Trump as he deplaned with US Sen. Johnson, whom he called “Wisconsin Tough” during the rally and praised by name the Republican members of the federal delegation in attendance, praised the “bright future” of Scott Walker, his WI chairman, who also attended. Trump dumped “Sleepy Joe” Biden and “Crazy Bernie” Sanders [who ran a GBPG front page ad denouncing Trump tax cut on Friday], “We say tonight that America will never be a Socialist country,” Trump said to loud cheers and chants of “Four more years.” “You look around the Wisconsin you still [see] the scars,” Trump said, “I want to make it almost impossible to leave Wisconsin and go to Mexico.” Rehash 2016, Trump tearing down WI’s “blue wall” despite GOP Never Trump-ers.
* Trump campaign’s McEnany hailed “Trump states. … not Republican states … You’re going to see a lot of President Trump in Wisconsin.”
* Priorities USA super PAC spent six figures just on Saturday to answer Trump’s visit, part of a $100M “early spending program” in the “blue wall” states and Florida between Friday and May 3, to highlight failed promises.
* DPW’s Laning: “People are noticing he’s made a lot of promises and not delivered,” and this time Dems will show alternative leadership, “‘This is what we’re doing to make your lives better’ — I believe that’s what’s key to us winning Wisconsin.”
* RPW’s Jefferson said voters are the same, but Trump is improved by tax cut and Justices, “There is a lot for them to like this time around.”
* UW prof. Burden: “However important Wisconsin is to the Trump campaign, it will be even more essential to the Democrats,” cited Walker refusing Medicaid expansion, “Trump is going to spin this issue in whatever ways seem advantageous,” noted low poll approval without equally low Clinton, “His opponent in 2020 is not likely to be subject to such animus and will invest more in Wisconsin than Clinton did.” By Beck and Bemiller, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

Trump wants to work with Evers on getting 13,000 Foxconn jobs, campaign says
… “I don’t know why he isn’t optimistic and hopeful that 13,000 jobs would come to the state of Wisconsin,” [said Trump 2020’s] McEnany … “We encourage the Democratic governor to work with Republicans, work with the president, work with Foxconn, to make sure those jobs come here because this is a deal that was engineered by President Trump, and we would hope that the Democratic governor would be on board to see that through.” … [but] Trump did not mention the project in a speech that lasted more than an hour and touched on the issue of manufacturing jobs. Trump’s visit came as doubts nagged at Foxconn’s job promise. Rehash Evers’ suggesting changes, letter to Foxconn, possible effect on Trump campaign. “Foxconn was engineered by this president,” McEnany said. … remains “hugely important” to Trump and that he “remains committed to making sure they are here and I think Foxconn does, too, with a vow to bring the 13,000 jobs.” By Beck, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL

WI Dems Rally In Green Bay Ahead Of Trump Visit
Lieutenant Governor Vows State Won’t Vote Red Next Year … [union hall] crowd of about 100 heard from a union leader and current and former state lawmakers, including Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. … “(Trump) is here because he is desperate. He knows the importance of the state of Wisconsin,” he said. … “The same way we beat Scott Walker is the same way we are going to beat Donald Trump,” Barnes said. … “When Donald Trump gets off the plane and goes and spews his hatred, we know that we will win when we lead with love,” he said. … “We are going to get this right. I promise you, Donald Trump will not win Wisconsin in 2020,” he said. … Speakers at the rally addressed concerns about tax cuts that they say benefit the rich, health care, gerrymandering, the environment, immigration and gun violence. By Murray, WPR

Sen. Ron Johnson: I am ‘concerned’ about Russian interference
… on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” … [rejected the idea of accepting Russian help with election] … “I am every bit as concerned about Russian interference as any Democratic senator.” … doesn’t believe there’s evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia … wasn’t surprised that Russia was “interfering in our elections through social media” because it’s “hard to really police.” … “almost impossible” that Russia could have changed vote totals in 2016 because [DHS] consulted with state and local governments to maintain local control of elections … “Let’s be vigilant, let’s be concerned about it,” he said about potential Russian interference. “But let’s not blow it out of proportion either.” By PARTHASARATHY, POLITICO


– Trump Touts Economy, Chides Opponents At Green Bay Rally

– Green Bay welcomes Trump

– In Green Bay, Donald Trump vows ‘America will never be a socialist country’

– Donald Trump’s Green Bay rally: Scenes from outside the Resch Center

– Trump Calls Out Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers on Decision to Veto Born-Alive Bill

– Trump Revs Up Campaign Pitch on Economy to Voters in Key States

– Trump condemns anti-Semitism, hate crimes at rally after synagogue shooting

– Trump lies about abortion at Wisconsin rally … CNN spoke with a pair of ob-gyns earlier this year, both of whom took issue with the phrase “late-term” and rhetoric around the issue. … Asked why abortions would happen at a later stage of pregnancy, Dr. Jennifer Conti, a fellow with the advocacy group Physicians for Reproductive Health and co-host of The V Word podcast, said, “Those exceptionally rare cases that happen after 24 weeks are often because a fetus has a condition that cannot be treated and will never be able to survive — regardless of the gestational age or trimester.”

– ‘Fox & Friends’ visits The Pancake Place in Green Bay to talk politics, President Trump … about a dozen people were gathered [Sunday] to take part in “Breakfast with Friends.” … a recurring Fox News segment where restaurant patrons talk about the day’s news. … “It was great to have them here,” said Theresa Barlament, owner of The Pancake Place, of the Fox crew. “I was excited about the national exposure and I would welcome them back in a heartbeat.” The staff cooked up pancakes and the restaurant’s signature stuffed hash browns to be used as props for the show. [host] Piro sat in a corner booth surrounded by the breakfast items during his prep time. … Topics discussed on air included abortion, people’s opinions about how the president is doing and immigration. … After hours of watching other people eat, the crew sat down for their own breakfast after the segment wrapped about 9 a.m.

– Cheese jokes, huge crowds, floral couches: Five times sitting presidents visited Wisconsin [FDR, JFK, Reagan, Bush 41, Obama] … Two honorable mentions readers may remember: President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch April 6, 2001, to open the new Miller Park; and President Bill Clinton with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl addressed crowds May 23, 1996, at Pere Marquette Park.

– Ron Johnson: “I Understand The President’s Frustration” Over Two Year Witch Hunt … [on Meet The Press] “I completely understand the president’s frustration,” Johnson said. “He knew, from day one, that he was innocent. And he was subjected to this two-year investigation, a very thorough investigation.”

– Meet The Press: Trump vs. Congress: Sens. Johnson and KLobuchar

– Top senator [Johnson]: Mexico controls the border, ‘we’re the chumps’

– Baldwin meets in Milwaukee to discuss Pres. Trump’s ACA lawsuit … “I think he needs to be held accountable for the position he’s taking on this,” Sen. Baldwin said. “There’s a very high profile fight in the Congress to save the Affordable Care Act, however, the public I don’t think is as aware that the Trump administration is now trying to overturn it in court and undermine the affordable care act in other ways.”

– Overtime for state workers tops $80 million, with some Wisconsin employees more than doubling their pay … [OT] jumped 12% last year … state spent $80.9 million on overtime in 2018, or $8.7 million more than the $72.2 million it spent in 2017 … 64% higher than the $49.4 million the state spent a half-dozen years ago, in 2012. [open records found] … More than three-fourths of the overtime — $63.6 million — was rung up at [DOC, DHS], which have struggled to keep employees at [24/7/365] facilities … including a nurse [CWC’s Sook Bae] who made nearly $217,000 last year [averaging 80 hrs/wk]. In all, 40 state workers doubled or more than doubled their pay by working overtime. … 418 state workers who made $25,000 or more in overtime last year. John Jay prof. Mellow sees safety hazard, “Corrections is already a stressful environment, so you really do need to have your cognitive abilities. And being fatigued, being sleep deprived, will definitely impact that,” warned of burnout, when “all you can think about is clocking in and clocking out and when you’re going to retire. And that is really detrimental for running a prison.” Retired Waupun Correctional sgt. Meehan blamed Act 10 for creating “undesirable” job “nobody is applying for” or quits, “You’re just a piece of meat. Managers do whatever they want. There’s no repercussions for treating staff poorly.” More high earners listed. High pay boost pension in formula calculation. DHS’ Miller defends need to keep staff-patient ratios. Evers believes higher pay will fill jobs, so state isn’t “competing with McDonald’s” for workers. DOC’s Hendricks touts benefits os “competitive wage.”

– Lawmakers tackle homelessness with funding, services package, Transitional housing, case management would get boosts under bills … AB123, authored by Rep. Pat Snyder (R-Schofield), would increase funding for the state’s transitional housing program by $900,000 annually, a 300-percent increase. That bill received a public hearing this week in the Committee on Housing and Real Estate. … [Rep. James’] bill in the package would provide more grant funding for case management services. … [Steineke bill] would add $500,000 annually to the State Shelter Subsidy Grant program. … a 50-percent increase to the fund and its first major increase since its creation in 1994.

– Wedge Issues: [WPF’s] Jason Stein on Wisconsin’s budget, economy and unemployment

– Political Digest: Vos, Tauchen introduce Lottery Privacy Act … Bowen: Medical marijuana would boost Wisconsin … May 1 is NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Day in Wisconsin … Administration officials [Treasurer Godlewski, DFI Sec. Blumenfeld, HEAB’s Hutchison] discuss student loan debt … Groups challenge requirements for student IDs

– Paul Ryan embraces local history as he accepts award … Ryan told the story [of the 19th century map of Janesville he displayed in Speaker’s office] Saturday night as he accepted an award from the Rock County Historical Society at the organization’s annual gala Saturday night. … Generations Award … recognizes a person who has made history by improving the quality of life in the county. … Ryan noted the many families in the room of about 150 people whose forebears had come to Janesville as immigrants and stayed. They are a part of what makes Rock County “such a cool place,” he said. … “This is a county and a city with a rich history, and it’s is a county and a city where we are living this rich history to this day. But we will never be connected with this history or really fully appreciate it unless we have people minding this, paying attention to this; unless we have the Rock County Historical Society making sure we never forget it.”

– Lawmakers debate future of loan relief for public workers: Baldwin among 13 sponsors [including 6 prez candidates] of bill amending Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, simplifying rules and expanding to a wider swath of borrowers.

– Mayor [Paine] to address state of Superior on Monday

– Merrill gives city money to FreMarq Innovations to move into building it already owns … won’t have to repay a $100,000 loan if it brings 50 jobs to the city

– WFU’s Darin Von Ruden: Congress must help farmers manage milk surplus

– AG could revoke some concealed weapons licenses because of court decision … Supreme Court in an unrelated case in December ruled that expunging a record “does not invalidate the conviction.” In light of that, Kaul has determined he cannot issue weapons licenses to those who have expunged records. … alerted lawmakers to the issue in March and sent a follow-up letter Friday asking them to take up legislation … [or] he would have to review individual licenses to determine which ones should be revoked. … issue is also in play for [DOJ] background checks … Records for those checks are kept for a short time, so there is not a way to determine how many people have cleared background checks who have expunged records.

– Activists And Suicide Prevention Groups Seek Bans On Conversion Therapy For Minors

– Housing Authority high-rise to compete with upscale towers — while welcoming lower-income renters … Known tentatively as Convent Hill South … $150 million development also would generate cash for the Housing Authority to maintain other apartment buildings throughout Milwaukee where some of the city’s poorest residents live.

– Hundreds gather to celebrate the life of Dontre Hamilton five years after his death … Hundreds of supporters turned out for … music, food and an opportunity to celebrate a man who symbolizes both tragedy and inspiration.

– Political past of Mifflin Street Block Party hard to see on 50th anniversary … Police Chief Mike Koval said. “Unfortunately, I think those days are far behind us.” At Saturday’s rendition of the party, about 7,000 students and other partiers gathered — a small number compared to previous years.

– UW-Oshkosh Investigates, Calls Forum Over Racist Images, Forum Drew Hundreds Of Attendees … Chancellor Andrew Leavitt said university officials learned early Friday morning of photos posted to Twitter showing a whiteboard sign in an off-campus house that said “No Liberals, Jews, Muslims, Queers or Hmongs.” Another photo showed a swastika hanging on the wall during a party at the house.

– [HHS] Survey: Wisconsin ranks 10th in the U.S. in underage binge drinking … 100,000 Wisconsinites ages 12-20 [13.1%] binge-drank — that is, they consumed than four drinks in one sitting — in the past 30 days. … slightly above the Midwestern average.

– More grandparents raising grandchildren as opioid epidemic drags on

– Heroin education events continue to tear at hearts

– This City Might Give Homeless People the Right to Camp Anywhere … A ballot question before Denver voters next week, an initiative called “Right to Survive,” would make sleeping on the streets easier.

– One in four Wisconsin jobs at high risk in a new age of robotic workers and hyper-automation … In its drive to manufacture iPhones, TVs and game consoles at the lowest cost, Foxconn systematically has replaced tens of thousands of inexpensive Chinese workers with even cheaper and more productive robots. … But the topic of automation barely came up in Wisconsin after [Foxconn’s] 2017 announcement … “People don’t know what’s going to hit them,” said Patrick Bieser, president of Milwaukee-based Northwoods Software Development Co., which handles automation projects for manufacturers and financial institutions. “We are blissfully naive that we’re at a tipping point into a new automation revolution.” … Brookings estimates that 27.2 percent of jobs in Wisconsin had an automation potential of 70 percent or more. … more than 800,000 jobs at high risk of elimination because of current technologies. … Wisconsin’s rural factory towns and farms are even more exposed … “You can automate cheese-making,” said Bieser at Northwoods. “The people who are most at risk tend to be younger, less educated, and black or Hispanic,” Brookings concluded. … To this day, Foxconn has not specified what sort of skills it will need in the state or what products it will produce. … Whatever it does in Wisconsin, Foxconn and its legions of Asian “Foxbots” are a leading indicator of economic change that analysts say is inevitable. … Foxconn points with pride to its “lights out” factories in China, like its Shenzhen plant in southern China, which are so automated they don’t need any humans. … … But [WMC’s] Bauer says a changing economy also will open up new job prospects. “People assume that automation, robotics and AI will eliminate jobs,” he said. “It will. But other jobs will be created. You will need more programmers.” … [Tech Council Boarder] Bayne calls the promise of 13,000 high-paying human Foxconn jobs a nostalgic “myth.” The only way it makes economic sense for Foxconn to manufacture consumer electronics in Wisconsin is to “automate the daylights” out of its proposed facility. “That’s intuitively obvious,” he said. … “Automation will force the existing workforce into continuous education,” Bayne said. … Commenting on Gou’s public comments in Wisconsin, Bayne said: “He was brilliant in manipulating Walker and Trump with the jobs statement. He knew that’s the song they wanted to hear.”

– Erpenbach: Better funding for special education would help schools including Columbia, Sauk counties … during a listening session Saturday at the Portage Public Library.

– Madison schools test limits of open government with private board member meetings: Individually or in pairs, Madison School Board members spend hours each year in private “board briefings” with Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham, discussing matters soon to come before the full board for votes that must be held in public.

– Virtual public school Wisconsin Connections Academy to begin offering 4K

– County clerk predicts low voter turnout Tuesday: to fill Barca’s seat

– Nonpartisan voting districts urged … [Fair Election Coalition’s] Tim Cullen, a Democrat who represented the Janesville area from 1974-2015, spoke to approximately 50 people on nonpartisan redistricting and the effects of gerrymandering during a gathering Thursday at the Jefferson Public Library. Ex-Sen. Schultz scheduled, unable to attend.

– The Democratic Field Is Set: 8 Questions About What Comes Next … 1. How far does name identification go? … 2. It’s there for Biden now, but can he prove himself? … 3. Can Bernie Sanders expand beyond his loyal base? … 4. Does Pete Buttigieg continue his momentum? … 5. Does Elizabeth Warren find her lane? … 6. Does Beto O’Rourke get edged out or does he find his way in? … 7. Can Kamala Harris supercharge her candidacy – and fend off Biden in South Carolina? … 8. Can others have a breakout moment?

– John Nichols: Warren is winning the ideas primary

– DNR looks at second elk hunting season in the state

– Foxconn Jobs, Tax Credits Could Be Renegotiated In Wisconsin, Neither Side Has Publicly Said What Changes They Want

– Why Gov. Tony Evers Is Right to Renegotiate the Foxconn Deal

– Funding Medicare For All (w/Mark Pocan)

– Families share their medical difficulties with Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Rep. Ron Kind: during Friday presser in La Crosse

– 30 Aspirus Riverview employees call for better pay, benefits

IOWA ^top^
– Eric Swalwell touts gun-control reform in North Liberty

– More youth, opioid epidemic seen as factors in increase in police calls to Madison libraries

– “Close MSDF!” Protestors Declare

Those who suffered inside the county’s secure detention facility, call for its closing.
– ‘Someone should be held accountable:’ Milwaukee 911 sent police to wrong address; teen later found murdered … In failing to verify the address, the operator, Bonnie Muzia, violated the department’s code of conduct, internal affairs investigators found. Chief Alfonso Morales overruled them. … did not discipline Muzia, who still works for the department. … did not mandate retraining for Muzia, discipline the police dispatcher, issue formal reminders department-wide to verify addresses or take any other action.

– [Sheriff] Nehls kept record of club calls

– Groundbreaking held for Tomah VA golf course in Jason Simcakoski’s honor … new course will be a cooperative effort between Disabled American Veterans, the city of Tomah and the Jason Simcakoski Foundation. … U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, said the course will be an asset for patients at the VA. [pic of Kind taking ceremonial first tee shot] … “This is all about turning tragedy into amazing hope,” [US Sen.] Baldwin said.

– Superior Marks One Year Since Husky Refinery Fires, Emergency Officials Recall Response That Day

– Kohler Co. appeals judge’s decision to rescind wetlands permit for proposed golf course … “We believe the facts and the law show that the wetland permit should have been upheld,” Dirk Willis, Kohler’s group director of golf hospitality, said in a statement. … latest appeal alleges administrative law judge Mark F. Kaiser made a number of erroneous conclusions in the March 15 decision, including finding that the DNR didn’t have sufficient information to determine whether the project would have significant adverse impact to wetland functional values.

– Gov. Evers: Past policy of borrowing limits funding options for roads

– These are Racine County’s 14 biggest summer 2019 road projects

– State legislators hear about roads at Dodge County meeting

– Moore analysis: MacIver: Evers’ claims about road funding false, Many local governments spent only state money on local transportation projects

– We Energies Quits Pro-Coal Lobbying Group, Joins 10 other utilities leaving powerful Washington, D.C. lobbyist, Utility Air Regulatory Group.

– Dave Zweifel: Scott Walker’s refusal to grant pardons failed people, like Eric Pizer, who deserved a second chance

– Stingl: Powerball jackpot winner settles into a new life of fortune while shunning fame … Manuel Franco is taking the lump sum payout of $477 million, which is further reduced by federal and state tax bites to $326 million. … His life is now upside down and profoundly changed forever.

– NFIB’s Bill G. Smith: Congress should make the small business tax deduction permanent

– Steven Walters: Ten Evers priorities GOP will kill

– atty. Casey Hoff: WI marijuana legalization: Evers’ plan met with GOP fear tactics

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