Contact: Representative Staush Gruszynski


MADISON- State Representative Staush Gruszynski (D-Green Bay) offered the following statement after Assembly Republicans rejected Governor Evers’ Budget on Tuesday:

“I am sincerely disappointed that the Republican majority in the Assembly voted against the bold, aggressive budget that the people of Wisconsin asked for, and that Governor Evers introduced. Great causes demand action. As Wisconsin sits at the crossroads of split government, we can either rise to the causes of our constituents, and all Wisconsinites, or we can continue down the path of half measures that fail to fully address the issues of our day,” Gruszynski said.

“Unfortunately, the Republicans chose the latter, and in so doing, they missed the opportunity to recover our federal tax dollars to expand quality, affordable healthcare, they missed the opportunity to invest in our transportation infrastructure with sustainable funding for the future, and they missed the opportunity to restore needed state funding for our public schools and the UW-System,” he continued.

“Despite the setbacks today, I will join Governor Evers and my Democratic colleagues in fighting to make our common sense, forward-looking proposals a reality,” Gruszynski concluded.

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