Since Sean Duffy’s unexpected resignation, I have been approached by many people to run for the 7th district’s Congressional seat.

For over two decades I have had the privilege of leading a world class cardiac surgery program that has served the people of our community with exceptional quality care. I am a doctor not a politician and as such I believe that I can offer the people of Wisconsin precisely the representation that is needed during these critical times. Our founding fathers never intended the house of representatives to become the purview of career politicians and bureaucrats whose tenure averages more than 20 years. It was meant to be a body of citizen representatives; accomplished men and women who would serve for the public good and return to their previous lives. A Representative cannot be out of touch with the struggles of daily life.

I have been deeply troubled by a national dialogue on healthcare by people who don’t understand it at the ground level. Bureaucrats cannot understand the struggle of individuals and families forced to make heart- wrenching decisions with rising costs and worsening access to care. I have lived it for over 30 years one patient and one family at a time. A discussion of Medicare for all, or a government takeover in Single Payer is an abominable distortion that we must fight with every fiber of our beings. It will destroy the doctor patient relationship, escalate cost and dismantle the greatest medical system in the world. We must curb the cost of Medical care and improve access with market- driven practical solutions.

I am deeply troubled by the mainstream acceptance of socialism by many of our youth and its support by Democrats. I am a Cuban-American who managed to escape the oppression of Castro’s island prison coming to this country as a five year old refugee. My family and I know first hand the horrors of totalitarianism and communism which is often painted as more socially acceptable “socialism”. At its core Socialism is tyranny and corrupt cronie-ism that enslaves populations, crushes the human spirit and abrogates individual liberty. Socialism is a great and unacceptable evil that we must fight.

I am an Immigrant who is appalled by a political process has refuses to solve the immigration problem. Both sides use this as a wedge issue and put our country’s stability and security at risk. There is a humanitarian crisis on the border and we have unacceptably poor border security. My family and friends have lived this personally. There are common sense solutions that are being ignored for political expediency perpetuating pain and suffering.

I want to harness the energy of the next generation and lead on issues that they care about. We Republicans need to lead on environmental issues. We are the stewards of God’s glorious creation and need to preserve and nurture it with sustainable, market-driven, job-creating solutions. The “Green New Deal” is a fraud and a thinly veiled government takeover of our energy sector. It would lead to inefficiency, bureaucracy and would bankrupt our economy. We must fight against this.

My life has been blessed by the opportunity and bounty of this great country. The American dream has been a reality for me and I deeply care that it be preserved for the next generation. I am prayerfully considering this daunting challenge and the opportunity to serve this community that has done so much for me and my family.

Fritz Riveron

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