Supreme Court candidates Ed Fallone and Jill Karofsky will address the Dem state convention this weekend.

Their appearance comes after the party was sharply critical of Justice-elect Brian Hagedorn speaking to the GOP convention earlier this month in Oshkosh, where he thanked activists for their support and told them they “saved” the state Supreme Court.

Party spokeswoman Courtney Beyer called it “highly inappropriate” for an elected judge to speak at a blatantly partisan event.

Asked about that stance when Fallone and Karofsky will address the Dem convention, Beyer said the party maintains its “belief that having an elected, soon-to-be sitting Supreme Court justice speak at an explicitly partisan event is inappropriate.”

Then-candidates Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallet spoke to the Dem convention 2017 ahead of their bids for the court in 2018.

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