U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said Congress should exert its oversight role over the executive branch and continue to investigate President Trump.

But in a weekend interview, the Madison Democrat said she did not join dozens of other Democrats who are calling for Congress to begin an impeachment inquiry.

“Congress has an oversight role. Congress has a constitutional obligation to investigate,” Baldwin told “UpFront,” produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com.

Baldwin said the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller laid out more than a dozen instances in which she said Trump either lied or obstructed investigations.

“We have to get to the bottom of that,” Baldwin said.

“When you say ‘Get to the bottom of it,'” are you ready to start impeachment proceedings?” host Adrienne Pedersen asked.

“I think that we need all the facts,” Baldwin said. “And we need to do our constitutional duty, investigate and deliver the truth to the American people.

“Nobody in America is above the law. That includes the president. The president is not above the law,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin also endorsed Gov. Tony Evers’ plan to take the federal Medicaid expansion.

The Legislature’s Republican leadership opposes the Medicaid expansion and removed it from the budget.

Baldwin said voters in 2018 were motivated by health care as an issue and they were “fearful that health care would go away.”

“People should be writing their elected representatives and say ‘Expand Medicaid,'” she said.

In another segment, Greg Marcus, the president and CEO of the Milwaukee-based Marcus Corporation, said there is increased national interest in Milwaukee since the Democratic National Committee announced the city as the site of its 2020 national nominating convention.

“We’re seeing increased traffic from other conventions that are interested in coming here and saying ‘What’s going on in Milwaukee?'” Marcus said.

He said the DNC, the Bucks’ recent playoff run, and the Ryder Cup coming to Wisconsin in 2020 are all chances to “expose Milwaukee to the world.”

“It gives people a new perspective on Milwaukee,” he said.

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