Quarterly Meeting Thursday, 1/24/19
Capital Newspapers, 2 pm

1. Call to order and introductions
2. Approval of minutes from 10/30/18 meeting
3. Treasurer’s report – Drechsel
4. President’s report
a) Meetings held in December with AG-Elect Josh Kaul, and with representative of Gov.-Elect Tony Evers
b) Sunshine Week set for March 10-16.
c) Last batch of OOG letters sent in late October; OOG tells Evansville school district to rescind its $10 minimum charge
for records requests.
d) Watchdog Awards – Tuesday, April 16, Madison Club
5) Council membership: New members: Matt DeFour (WSJ), Paul Johnson (PAWLI), Joanna Beilman-Duling (OWN), Kyle Geissler
6) Legislative update: The Wisconsin Legislative Council Study Committee on the Use of Police Body Cameras plans to introduce
legislation based on its work. Public Records Board representation; worth trying again?
7. Legal update: Flynn v. Kemper Center, about a quasi-governmental agency, and Lueders v. Krug, about electronic records, await
decisions. New developments in Hagen v. UW Board of Regents. Judgment granted for plaintiffs in Lakeland Times v. DOJ. Center
for Media and Democracy lawsuit against AG Schimel for ACA records pending; 1/23 hearing held. Midwest Environmental
Advocates sues DNR over Foxconn water records. Judge rules in favor of Baraboo News Republic in records suit. State Rep. Jimmy
Anderson files complaint over access issue. Federal court ruling in Virginia buoys One Wisconsin Now in lawsuit against denial of
access to lawmakers’ social media accounts. Appellate court orders judge to release records in Racine.
8. Issue for discussion: Attempt to conceal records when low-level employees commit minor offenses. DNR initially refused to release
records regarding sex harasser, then backed down. DOA made similar claims in withholding records of disciplined employees, but
was sued successfully.
9. Issue for discussion: There oughtta be a law. What to do about Speaker Vos’ refusal to release contract with law firm in redistricting
case. And in the Racine records case, should there have been prompt legal action over the city’s initial refusal to release billing
10. Issue for discussion: What can be done about “abusive” requesters? League of Wis. Municipalities has expressed concern.
11. Other issues: Three members of Mequon PFC resign over illegal meeting. Town of St. Germaine asks residents if they want their
names withheld from list of people who asked to receive outreach messages. Another UW-Oshkosh prof sues to block release of
12. Opee awards: Need nominations for Citizen, Public and Media Openness Awards, Open Records Scoop of the Year,
Whistleblower of the Year and No Friend of Openness. Set committee membership.
13. Web site – Foust
14: Your Right to Know: Need offerings for February, March, April
15. Other business including next meeting date: Thursday, April 11, 18, 25.
16. Adjourn

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