Organizers of the 2020 Democratic National Convention told a crowd of Wisconsin locals how to sign up as volunteers, register businesses as vendors and maximize impact on the city of Milwaukee.

The community conversation took place at MATC last night.

Volunteers and local businesses wanting to work or cash in on the convention can sign up through web portals. Convention organizers are also working with local businesses and organizations on logistics for the four-day event in July.

The focus was on gathering the 15,000 volunteers expected to be needed to smoothly run the convention. Employees of the Milwaukee Public Library System will be assisting organizers in addition to the volunteers gathered through the web portals. Those portals can be accessed through the DNC Milwaukee website.

While the convention has roughly two-thirds of the needed volunteers, organizers are asking for more. They informed attendees it’s not too late to sign up as either a volunteer or vendor.

Convention organizers also said they are actively trying to increase awareness of the list of vendors and that they will market and advertise the list as much as they can through the convention. Now is also a good time for vendors signing up for the list to think about ramping up their own marketing and advertising, speakers said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he is excited for the awareness and business the convention will bring to the city, but he wants volunteers to act as Milwaukee ambassadors to the thousands of visitors who will visit.

“We want the DNC to sink its roots into our community,” Barrett said.

Convention organizers said they are working on parking solutions, including a park-and-ride system for the thousands of volunteers who will commute to the city during the event. They are also working with local organizations like the police to help with traffic safety.

“I’m excited to be one of the 15,000 volunteers coming in,” said Elena Dominguez. “I’m coming in from Franklin, and I’m wondering where these 15,000 volunteers are going to park?”

Convention organizers said they are excited for what Milwaukee has to offer the Democratic Party, and they are thankful for all of the volunteers and vendors already signed up.

Two other community conversation events will be held this week. See details here:

By Adam Kelnhofer

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